Book List

On my 101 list, I have the goal of reading 50 books…  This is the page where I am going to list the books and a little review.

1. Dexter: Book 1

2. The short after life of Bree tanner

3. Prophecy of the Sisters (Good Read)

4. Water For Elephants ( WOW MUST READ!)

5. Mockingjay (eh..)

6. Invitation to the game

7. The Help

1) Dexter– For those of you who don’t know Dexter is the “good” killer, living by the code only killing those who killed. After getting into the show, I found the book on clearance and decided to buy it. I finally got around to reading it, while it wasn’t an amazing book, I wish it had a bit more back story, more depth. It was a good read. I do like the show better, but they are almost two different stories. I have found that books are better than movies, but T.V. shows, give the book competition. Vampire Diaries for example, while it was a good book, I am favoring the show more. Back to the book though it is a good read for fans of the show, it gives you a little more into Dexter’s head which is nice.

2) The short after life of Bree Tanner. I liked the story, it was good but I felt like it was wrote just for the movie. I really wish that there was more to the book, more depth, and character developement. It would have made it a better read. If you like the twilight series you will like this.

3) This is the tale of two twin sisters destined to be set against each other. Their story ensues and a line between right and wrong is drawn forever dividing the sisters. It is a good read

4) This book deserves its own post which you can find here. It was really spectacular!

5) I was not  impressed with this book at all. Really this instalment of the hunger game trilogy fell flat for me. I felt it was not as organized, nor as interesting as its processors. Also this book is very predictable, whereas the first  two were spontaneous enough to keep you guessing. I don’t know it was an ok book, but it didn’t live up to my expectations.


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