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Signature Grilled Cheese (101 in 1001 1/10)

Almost every night of the week my dinner rotates between something spinning in the micro, to chicken salad, or chicken and rice. I really never cook (no time, work, school, blah, blah, blah!), but I am trying to do it more because those microwave dinners can get pricey!!! Soooo tonight I cooked meal one of ten on my 101 list(go me!). I kept it simple grilled cheese—yes I already knew how to make it—but after hearing about a grilled cheese competition I decided to make my own signature grilled cheese( and since it is not traditional grilled cheese and I have never made it before, it counts as a new meal). Anyway, it actually turned out pretty good, the cheese could have  been gooier, but overall the flavors were great! I started with bread, butter and cheese like normal, but added garlic and herb seasoning to the bread, and sautéed up onion, green and red pepper. It wasn’t 100% perfect, I could have cooked it a little longer to make the cheese gooooooeeeeyyy, but I hate crunchy bread—yes that means toast too, those crumbs just bug me! I plan on experimenting with pepper jack cheese, to see how that turns out. Overall though it was a success and I used bread thins—amazing little things—very small amounts of butter, and only a half slice of cheese, so it wasn’t even all that bad for me either. Moderation right?

Here is Theresa’s signature grilled cheese if you care to try it, or even better make your own and tell me all about it!

I start with bread thins—which are the greatest thing since sliced bread!

Lightly butter the inside and place butter side down in the pan

Then add cheese and sautéed veggies

Place the other piece of bread, this time butter side up

Press both sides together with a spatula, and flip every once in a while

Warning: when you use the bread things however, and don’t butter the inside be careful of the two sides not sticking right away, it normally takes a few flips.

Sautéed Veggies

I add McCormick’s  garlic and herb seasoning to the pan while it is on med heat, then a little bit of butter

I mix the seasoning and butter before adding the onion, then mix a little more

Finally I add the peppers and stir until a bit burnt ( I like them that way)

And set aside for the sandwiches.

Me Cooking!

The Veggies

Finished Signature Grilled Cheese


Today, I feel defeated.

I want more than anything right now to graduate Spring 2011, but it pretty much seems impossibleL. When I started CSUF fall 2007, I was undeclared, and then changed my major to Biology ( I planned to teach)—after the teacher layoffs, and not enjoying the major—I switched to health science, with plans to go on into a masters program in Occupational Therapy.  Going into college I was set up to graduate a semester early, the little hiccup with biology, has now left me a year behind, and 6 classes that count for nothing, so frustrating but it’s an experience I guess.  Back on topic though I want to graduate Spring 2011, and the only way to do that is to take 3 classes this summer, two of which I can take at a community college where I only have to worry about getting into the classes. The third however is for my major and needs to be taken at CSUF, the only problem to take just that one little class it’s going to cost me 1,200 dollars. There is no way I can afford that, so now it looks like I’m stuck graduating Fall 2011, where I won’t get to walk since I wouldn’t come back six months after I finished school to go through the ceremony. I feel so defeated right now, I wish that I could go back and be a little more on track. I know graduating one semester behind isn’t such a big deal, but I was really looking forward to walking. I know the piece of paper is all that matters in the end, but I just wish there was some way to graduate in 2011—I would be my family’s first graduate. I have tried putting all of my master program prerequisite on hold, but even that didn’t work L. The worst part about all of it is, I only would need to fit one more class in my schedule to graduate Spring 2011, one little class. I plan to talk to an advisor Thursday to see if there is any way I can take 18 units one semester, because if I do that I can graduate when I want. Graduating Spring 2011 would also make it so much easier to get into the masters program I want.

1 down 49 to go!

Part of my 101 in 1001 is to watch 50 new movies, I love movies but really don’t take the time to break away and watch new ones.

So yes I may have been one of the five people on earth that had not seen Avatar, but no longer! I finally rented the movie, and it was better than I was expecting, totally worth the $2.50. After the hype, I though it couldn’t really live up to it, but the movie was well done. The best part of the movie, for me at least, was the creativity in the characters. From the actual Na’vi people (I put it in blue because their blue :)), to all of the creatures the imagination was really out there. The story was a little old, very Pocahontas like, but had an overall good message. It was a long movie– two hours and forty minutes—but my attention wasn’t lost, which is pretty hard since I am pretty easily distracted.  I don’t know however, if I would still think it was a good movie without all of the CGI, and imagination. It is also not one of my top 10 movies, but definitely one I am eventually going to buy.

Ratting 4/5

My 101 in 1001

Well I finally did it! I finished my 101 list, and I am excited to get it underway. You can check the list out, above or click HERE. Check back for my post about how they are going, and the finished tasks. Goodnight for now!

Ugh what a day!!!

Oh, what a day! I should have known when I woke up two hours early that it wasn’t going to be my day. After sitting in traffic on my way to school I get into the elevator to go up to the 6th floor of MH, well there was a little kid who decided to press every button while his mom just laughed… and to make things worse the elevator pretty much smelled like rotten eggs and sweat, so I got to hear the little boy then complain for 5 flights. When I get to my professors office hours, someone else is in there talking to him about his weekend and the frat party he went to, so I am stuck waiting for their conversation to be over to get help on my homework. Twenty minutes pass they are still in there, even though they know I am waiting they keep on talking so by the time they finish office hours are over, and the professor has to head off to another class…Great guess reliving his college days is what’s really important. So then since its 4/20 people just had to show up to class stoned… The people sitting behind me were stoned and talking and just yelling out random things all class, it was so frustrating… Then I went to the library to print my literature review today, and of course all the computers were taken but the worst part is that people weren’t using them, just sitting there, but wouldn’t move…. Then another handful of people were playing Farmville—seriously!!!! So frustrating I just needed to print out my paper ugh… I’m ready for this semester to be over.  Going to finish up my 101 in 1001 list, probably have it up by tonight.

Cal State Fullerton EPW exam


Today I took the EWP exam, which is a timed writing that all students must take in order to graduate. Even though I still have 2-3 semester to go I took it to get it over with. The EWP in my opinion is just an excuse to get more money from students. Students must also take an English 301 class to graduate, this class test a students timed writing, as well as out of class essay skills. If students have to take English 301 they should not have to take an extra exam, for a student to pass a semester long English class, they are going to have to be able to write an essay!!! I think it should be set up in a way that the student can take one or the other. If they take the essay portion and pass, then the English is then not required, and like-wise if a student passes the English class then the essay is not required. Basically I though the essay was a waste of 90 minutes. The topics range from ” if your house was burning and you could only save three items what would they be and why” to “What are the problems surrounding Cal State Fullerton.” Ha if I would have gotten that one… Rather I go one that said ” The problem with higher education is that the requirements tend to focus on students needing take classes in everything,” that wasn’t the exact phrase but close enough. Anyway I wrote a pretty decent essay on how this was true, added a joke to spice things up and left. Time wasted.

Some more food for thought… If the university really believes that a student needs to write an essay to graduate, why not test them on their overall English skills… why not test on Math, and Logic skills as well? Also if a student can get through four years of college and not write an essay that would pass, why are they graduating? The EWP does nothing but take another 4o dollars from already broke students.

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