Cal State Fullerton EPW exam


Today I took the EWP exam, which is a timed writing that all students must take in order to graduate. Even though I still have 2-3 semester to go I took it to get it over with. The EWP in my opinion is just an excuse to get more money from students. Students must also take an English 301 class to graduate, this class test a students timed writing, as well as out of class essay skills. If students have to take English 301 they should not have to take an extra exam, for a student to pass a semester long English class, they are going to have to be able to write an essay!!! I think it should be set up in a way that the student can take one or the other. If they take the essay portion and pass, then the English is then not required, and like-wise if a student passes the English class then the essay is not required. Basically I though the essay was a waste of 90 minutes. The topics range from ” if your house was burning and you could only save three items what would they be and why” to “What are the problems surrounding Cal State Fullerton.” Ha if I would have gotten that one… Rather I go one that said ” The problem with higher education is that the requirements tend to focus on students needing take classes in everything,” that wasn’t the exact phrase but close enough. Anyway I wrote a pretty decent essay on how this was true, added a joke to spice things up and left. Time wasted.

Some more food for thought… If the university really believes that a student needs to write an essay to graduate, why not test them on their overall English skills… why not test on Math, and Logic skills as well? Also if a student can get through four years of college and not write an essay that would pass, why are they graduating? The EWP does nothing but take another 4o dollars from already broke students.


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