1 down 49 to go!

Part of my 101 in 1001 is to watch 50 new movies, I love movies but really don’t take the time to break away and watch new ones.

So yes I may have been one of the five people on earth that had not seen Avatar, but no longer! I finally rented the movie, and it was better than I was expecting, totally worth the $2.50. After the hype, I though it couldn’t really live up to it, but the movie was well done. The best part of the movie, for me at least, was the creativity in the characters. From the actual Na’vi people (I put it in blue because their blue :)), to all of the creatures the imagination was really out there. The story was a little old, very Pocahontas like, but had an overall good message. It was a long movie– two hours and forty minutes—but my attention wasn’t lost, which is pretty hard since I am pretty easily distracted.  I don’t know however, if I would still think it was a good movie without all of the CGI, and imagination. It is also not one of my top 10 movies, but definitely one I am eventually going to buy.

Ratting 4/5


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