Living by my plans…

I am a planner. I love making list setting out plans and living by them. Lately my plans and list have all seem to fall through, there is to many what ifs, too much uncertainty. I realized it is because I am living my life and trying to make my own plans, without stopping to try to follow the road that God is setting out for me. Right now I am building my own road and it’s hard, I need to take a step back and follow the road that God has already set out so that I can just walk, and not build.

I am in my final few semesters of college and just recently decided to pursue a career in Occupational Therapy; the problem is that you must have a masters degree to practice. Now I am struggling to find programs, find an internship, get my grades up to graduate school standards, and take the G.R.E. I really am worrying over everything and not letting God help me out. I need to let him take a hold of my plans; I need him to point the way. I know that once I can fully let go everything will become much clearer. The problem is I am so worried about age and dates and getting my life after education started that I feel it is do or die getting into a program. I really just need to stop stressing over it and let what happens happen. I need to work my hardest in my classes and get my G.P.A up to a 3.5/3.6, it is sitting at a 3.1 right now so I think I can make it happen.

I also need to shadow/intern with an occupational therapist this is probably the hardest thing, I don’t know how to find one, or how to ask… I really need help on this one so if anyone knows anyone !?!?

I guess that is enough to let some of the stress fade, tomorrow I will have some me time, take my camera to school and relax a bit. I know I need it.

Today I also turn over a new leaf: I need to open my heart and follow the path that God is laying out for me. He knows what is best.


About Theresa Bridget

I have a pretty simple life, but simple is perfect for me.

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