A New Adventure!

I created my 101 list so that I could explore, learn new things, and have new experiences. One of those new experiences was going to Venice Beach. I wanted to go to Venice Beach because of how fun it looked, and because I want to explore new parts of so cal.

The day started with heading down to Venice  with Greg, once we got there we parked only 6 bucks which is better than the 10 at Crystal Cover or Huntington.

Here we ARE!!!

 Once we got parked the first thing we saw was “muscle beach” I really wanted to take pictures but felt weird–honestly I wouldn’t want people taking pictures of me working out– so we kept on walking and ran into this work of art

and this one!

After looking at the spray painted art, Greg and I went on to look at the people in the Skate park. There were some really talented, and not so talented kids.

After watching them for a bit, we moved on and started walking down the road. There were so many interesting people that I wanted to take pictures of but they charged. One homeless guy even had a sign that read ” I’m not a celebrity but I charge, you snap me, you owe me $$$$” So I didn’t get to take pictures of them but it sure was fun to listen and watch them! Every other shop was either a t-shirt shop or a medical marijuana stand! There were also some great murals on the walls, so colorful I loved them. After a while we turned back and headed toward the pier.

Me at the Pier

Walking around a little more I found this cute little guy

So after Three hours of people watching and walking around it was finally 3 and you know what that means? Half priced fraps from starbucks! So me and Greg headed to Starbucks and picked uptwo grande fraps for 3 bucks that less than the price of one! Overall it was a great day, lots of fun I am so glad that I finally got to experience Venice Beach.

It was a great day! I had so much fun, the only bad thing was a little sun burn even though I used sunblock guess that is what I get for being irish lol!


About Theresa Bridget

I have a pretty simple life, but simple is perfect for me.

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  1. mezotersenyum

    hey, venice is great! i wanted to go there someday, too! enjoy doing 101 to do list, anyway =)

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