Survivor : Heros Vs. Villians

Let me start off by saying: ” JURY ARE YOU SERIOUS????–really, you’re giving the money to SANDRA?

I feel that out of the three she did the least, she practically did nothing, and that is why she won. She didn’t outwit, she didn’t outplay. The jury had their feelings hurt by mean Mr. Russell and didn’t vote for him. You would think that a jury of veteran players would understand the game. In no way am I saying that Russell is a nice guy, but he makes the game fun and interesting. The only thing lacking is a social game. Having said that, as much as I wanted Russell to win, if not him at least Parvati! She played the game just like Russell, even playing him!

I think if it goes off what the game stands for then Russell or Parvati should be the winners right now. The game is Outwit, Outlast, Outplay, I know that doesn’t mean you can play a somewhat honest game, but even if you don’t I don’t believe you should be penalized for it. Russell both played a better game than Sandra and thus either should have won over her. The only thing Sandra did better was nothing, and literally she did nothing special in this game, nothing!

On a side note, immunity idols??? This season felt more rigged than any other anyone agree?


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  1. Yeah and next we’ll be debating oil spills! 🙂

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