The almightly Masters Degree!

After work today I decided to relax–after all I just finished up the semester and have worked my butt off the past two weeks. Well once I got online I started browsing and ended up researching Masters programs. I am decided that I will get a masters degree, I just don’t know what I want to do. Thats not entirely true, I do want to become an occupational therapist, but I am just uncertain of getting into a program. My second choice is also Nursing, but again getting into a program is going to produce a challenge. Both of these programs are incredibly competitive, like 3.6+ G.P.A, 1100+ G.R.E, on top of activities, and on top of the about 200 students per program who have exactly those stats!

If I don’t get into a masters degree program, I really don’t know what to do. My degree is in Health Science, a pretty good starter degree; however, I don’t know any careers that can come of that degree. Any suggestions?

So here is what I found today


1. CSUDH — This is my top program, it is close to home and has a curriculum plan that I like plus it is a 2 year program. It is high competitive they got 300 applications last year!

2. Loma Linda– This is another one of my top programs, the two down sides are the cost, and it is a 3 year program. It is a good program, and again highly competitive.

3. Touro University– 2 years yay! pricey boo! Like the others competitive :/

While I do have about 5 more schools on my list these are my top 2, mostly because they are all relatively close, and are my most realistic choices. I still worry though that I will not be accepted, then what???? I’m in line for the real world, and as the front of the line gets closer I am starting to panic.

My other career option Nursing has another couple good choices. I would go into an entry-level MSN program since I am only 2 semesters out from getting my B.S in Health Science.

1. CSUF– Yes I am doing my undergrad here, but it is a good up and coming program. This school also only looks at your last 60 units (so my iffy sophomore year goes out the window!). This is my top school, and it has an amazing stimulation lab!

2. CSULB– I’ll join my rival school I guess for my M.S, they have a good program as well, and an entry-level program. The cost is good and it is close a big plus!

The other schools: Loma linda, CSULA, CSUDH, CBU, and APU are all ok schools but they are not as inviting as the two above programs.

Life is so hard! My biggest regret ever is not taking my sophomore year seriously. I was unhappy with biology and never thought graduate school would ever be for me. I guess what is stressing me out the most is if I don’t get into a masters program I have no clue what I can do.

Well back to looking into programs, and hopping for the best!


About Theresa Bridget

I have a pretty simple life, but simple is perfect for me.

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