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Viva Las Vegas!

As I sit writing this I have the Hangover playing in the background, the movie is actually a lot funnier now that I have been to Vegas! The trip was a great first trip, the only regret is not drinking more lol :). I already want to go back!

My family loves Las Vegas! So I was always looking forward to going when I turned 21, but I since my best friend didn’t turn 21 until May, we planned a Vegas trip for the summer. It ended up being Daisy, Greg, Mike, and myself going, along with my mom and my aunts. My mom surprised me and Daisy with a suit, that was sweet lol. Then my aunt got Greg and Mike their room. Even though there room was smaller, than just the bed room of our suit, the beds were so much nicer, and they had a flat screen!

So Let me take your on our journey!

Day one

Since Mike just got back he had to report Friday. Daisy and I didn’t want to wait until 6 or 7 to leave, so we got up at 4:30 am and hit the road with my aunts! The six of us squeezed into my aunt Theresa’s car and hit the road ( what about that trip in, guess that’s why they call it sin city.) — yes that’s a little Hangover humor for you–We stopped off at Primm for breakfast, and I won a T-shirt! It was really funny once my aunts and moms walked in they all ran to different machines! After rounding everyone up again and getting coffee we went back to the car for bagels (the cafe wasn’t open).

At about 11 we pulled into our hotel–the Riviera– and went up to see our rooms, but since it was to early they weren’t ready. Daisy and I went down to sing up for the “players club” and since we were new we got free tickets to a comedy show! We got ready for the pool and went down to relax a bit

Since it was so hot, we went swimming for a bit, then layed out in the sun! After seeing a bunch of yummy drinks go by we ended up ordering a Strawberry Daiquiri (my first one!)

here is our pool!

After getting some sun we went back to our rooms and got ready for the night.

Me and Daisy walked up to the Wynn hotel, and signed up for the players club, they gave us 10 dollars to gamble with, and we headed off to the penny slots! (high rollers I know!)

The Wynn was great! They always had people coming around asking if you wanted drinks–some hotels –*Treasure Island* completely ignored us!

 She won!!!!

And when you gamble they give you free drinks!

Our drinks–They were soooo yummy!

Then we went in search of big drinks! We got lost thought 😦 and found ourselves in front of treasure island–Just in time for the Sirens of TI! Did you know that, that show was directed by Kenny Ortega–for those who don’t know he put together High School Musical! Anyway it was just girls dancing in lingerie– it was ok though. By that time we decided to go back to the hotel–the guys were almost there! We walked back got back to our room, and waited on them. At about 10:50 they got there and we showed them their room–here they are looking out the window!

We took off toward the strip! We walked down to the Paris Hotel and got our big drinks! We found a few other places but they wanted 36 bucks for them!

At this time it was about 1 am and we walked back!

Overall Friday was ok, but we didn’t drink as much as we want. On to Saturday.

Day two

After going to bed at about 3:30– we woke up at 9:30, and got ready for the pool! The headed off down the strip– We all went to treasure island a little to gamble, I ended up breaking even which is just like winning, but not getting any money for it :).

After leaving treasure Island we were greeted with heat! It was so hot–102! So we took the bus down to the MGM Grand.

We went to look for the white tigers-we couldn’t find them but found a lion, you were able to stand right under it–very cool! The we went to the M&M store–4 floors of M&M stuff–crazy huh???

But finally we were able to get big drinks again! Daisy and I really wanted them!

They were really yummy

Here I am in front of the New York New York–it was a pretty cool hotel!

So we went back to the bus–and found out that we couldn’t get on with the drinks 😦 and walked 2.5 miles back to the hotel. (up hill in the snow!)

But its ok because on the way back we saw Paris :)!

By this time it was about 6 and we went up to the room to get ready for the comedy show that night. Oh and before we did we threw a couple bucks into the machines… I played 2 lines, 1 time ( 2 cents) and ended up getting a bonus round and won $45.76!!! It was pretty cool!

Here we are getting ready :)–because we all know you know your never ready in Vegas without a drink!

While we were getting ready Greg and Mike were waiting for us, and Greg Won!

Then it was time for the comedy show!

Ok well I don’t remember any of their names, but the show was pretty funny! The first lady was picking on someone in the audience. The second guy was just ok– I’m sure it would have been a lot funnier if I knew the impressions he was doing–but I didn’t so it was just ok.

Here is one of his jokes

“Two guys were in a bar and they were arguing over who had a bigger member, well after about 15 minutes of arguing the bar tender said why don’t you just measure them? They both agreed and took them out to measure them… Once they had another guy walked into the bar and the tender asked what can I get you? And he said ” I’ll take the buffet” — it was pretty funny– he could do a lot of good voices.

The last guy however was really funny–it might have been that the drinks were finally kicking in, but his jokes were funny–because they were true, true hence funny (yes a little dane cook humor). Yeah– but he was talking about how GPS’s yell at you (which if you go the wrong way they do), how snuggies are backwards robes, and idiot tax, overall pretty funny. I just know I laughed, and laughed alot–but maybe because of the drinks. Who really knows? 🙂 And it was a great show for being free!

Next up we wanted to go to Caesar’s Palace so we were waiting for the bus and I took this picture of Daisy…

it turned up blury… So I told her she was going to die, because in the Ring your blury before you die…. Yeah she didn’t die.

Then the bus drove past us, I guess we were not at the right stop so me and Daisy took off running after it… and Greg and Mike were confused and like wait what are you doing– but guess what Daisy and Theresa were right… We caught up to the bus…

and I saw this sign :

it says stop, I took a picture, then told then ran past it, and was like “ha I didn’t stop”

Next we got to Caesars Palace– turns out they aren’t pager friendly. The decor of Caesars Place is great, statues and aquariums every where.

I guess there are statues that talk–but I couldn’t find them :(.

Oh they also had a bar! So I got another drink.

We did what the sign said!

Then we met Hermione from Harry Potter– Haha it was fun

yeah I know now she wasn’t real, but I didn’t realize that until I sobbered up–kidding!

So then we were getting ready to leave–while the guys were looking at the aquarium me and daisy decided to “hide” so while we were giggling really loudly we ducked down behind a little desk ( They could still see us) we hid our eyes (by putting our hand over our eyes)… They didn’t play along 😦 they just kept on walking. So we kept walking too.

The best part about Ceaser’s Palace was that Daisy and I were running around wanting our picture taken everywhere, it was just alot of fun– you probably had to be there.

Then I found this machine it was irish like me so we got our picture taken together!

Caesar wasn’t in when we got there–maybe next time!

Then we went over to the Flamingo and got burger king–the only thing was this was a bad idea it took my buzz away :(.

We still had fun when we got to the Venetian though– We found another bar!– I know how lucky finding a bar in Vegas! I ordered a cran with vodka, but since I was tired daisy gave me her jager and red bull, it woke me up!

Me and Greg posed.

After playing a couple of dollars we started to head back to the hotel. Out side there was this fountain and on one side of it people were playing around so be and daisy pretended to go in too

The we all posed for a picture!

Then we got the bus back to our hotel it was about 3:30 am so we went to bed.

Saturday was the best day by far. It was relaxing and fun, and we got to see alot of different hotels.

Day Three

I ended up waking up at 7:30, and not being able to go back to sleep so I packed up. We were going home :(. I packed up and by 11 we were gone.

 My Ariel bag :).

Here we are in front of the sign!

Pretty funny though–Welcome to las Vegas— as we drive away.

Before we  left we went to an outlet mall. I ended up spending more at the mall than I did in Vegas.

I ended up only actually spending $80 dollars in Vegas! ( The suit was free!)I know it was only beginners luck, but I can’t wait for my next Vegas trip already! I really love Vegas!!!!!!!!

The trip was alot of fun, it was a great time and I can’t wait to go back!


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My Movie List

This is a list of all the movies I have watched for my 101. Originally I had put to watch 50 movies, but now I think I’m going to up it to 101. 

  1. Avatar 8.5/10
  2. Leap Year 4/10
  3. Valentines Day 6/10
  4. Day Breakers 6/10
  5. Eclipse 8/10
  6. Remember me 8/10
  7. Inception 9/10
  8. Toy Story 3 9/10
  9. Cloudy with a chance of meat balls 8/10


Valentines Day 

I was looking forward to this movie, with so many actors that I really like I thought it would be decent. I was a little wary though because of He’s just not that in to you. It did turn our to be much better than He’s just not that in to you, but it wasn’t amazing. It was an overall good movie, some of the story lines– McDreamy, Ashton, Jessica Biel– were cute, and good. Other such as the story line of the Taylor’s was pointless, but I guess it did make a point, how teens view love/valentines day. Then there was the story line of Julia Roberts and Bradley Cooper which I wanted more from! Overall this was a decent movie a nice one for a night in. 

Leap Year 

I was really looking forward to this one, it seemed like it would be really cute. Turns out it wasn’t! It was a little too fast paced for me at points where I wanted more background, and little slow on points I knew what was happening. Just not to much to keep me interested in this movie. 

Day Breakers 

This one was pretty good, a little to gory–the blood just wasn’t right. Yet the story was interesting. It was about vampires who were running out of blood, pretty much a corrupt vampire society was being emerging. The story line wasn’t the strongest, and to many good people died, but aside from the overuse of bad blood I liked it. 


This movie was by far the best of the series. It started off slow, alot of the back story was fit into the first half. Flash forward to the fight and it really picked up. The directing was good. Fight scene was awesome. Acting was better. Story was better. Give it a chance! This movie is really only good if you are a fan, so be warned, but it is the better of the 3. 

Favorite line : 

Edward (when pulling up to drop bella off with Jacob) : “does he even own a shirt” — I thought it was really funny. 

6. Remember Me 

At first I wasn’t to up to this at first, but after I watched it I was surprised at how good it was. The story was real and heart-felt, you got a sense for each character. I felt the acting was good, but at times a little pushed. Overall it is a good watch a tad sad but a real story. 

7 . Inception 

When you see Leonardo DiCaprios name on a movie bill– it is almost certain to be a good movie.. That may just be because he is my favorite actor thus I am bias; however, his movies really do not disappoint. Inception is no different– it is one of those movies where you do need to pay attention to what is going on. If you pay attention if can be a real mind trip. It can be somewhat predictable at times, but leaves you with an ending that will keep your mind guessing. This is one of those movies that is a “must see”… On a side note, have you ever noticed that as of late Leo makes two movies, skips a year, makes two movies skips a year… If he keeps it up, 2011 will be a sad year for me ;). 

8. Toy Story 3 

Few sequels live up to the first. Even fewer triquels live up to the sequel; yet, Pixar has done it again, and hit it out of the park. Toy Story 3 is a cute original story, with great one liners. It does slow down a but something the first two didn’t do  but still is a great movie. It will have you in tears, so bring a tissue–don’t say I didn’t warn you!

9. Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

This is a very cute, and funny family friendly movie. It is the story of an awkward inventor who finally gets it right. He makes food rain, until things get out of control. Then he must save his little town. Its very cute, and a good watch if you are board



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