Miniture Aussie!

So I have not blogged in a while, and while I do have some 101 things to blog about I have not taken picture thus not blogged. Anyway as to not wait to long in between blogs I decided to blog about one of my favorite things in the world TY!

Ty is my almost 5-year-old miniature australian shepherd. As you may know Australians are very excitable, they are hyper, and like working and staying active. Wiki also says that these dogs need about 2-3 hours of attention and play a day so they don’t become destructive. Well I think if i tried to get ty to have 3 hours of play a day he would run away lol! However he sure gets way more than 3 hours of attention since he likes to sit in our lap and follows you around, we really should have called him shadow!

Anyway Ty is an amazing dog, and very lovable! He love being pet, and treats. Every night all my mom has to do is turn off the computer and he runs to the back door to go out, then comes in jumps on the bed and waits for his treats. He knows his routine well! Ty is honestly the best dog I could have ever imagined, I really didn’t know what I was getting into with an aussie, but was so lucky to get Ty. His personality is the best! He always wants to be part of the family, and yeah words just can’t express how amazing this little guy is.

When we got him he was smaller than a bottle of juice, but I lost those pictures 😦 Here are some new ones though!

Oh did I mention he loves to pose for pictures???

Here is the site we got him from, boomer is his daddy, they have great puppies!

The Puppy Site!


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