Downtown Fullerton–snap!


From reading some of my other things, or looking through my photos you may be able to tell that I love photography. About three years ago I was bored so Greg asked if we wanted to go to the Fullerton Arboretum. When I went to grab my camera it was dead, and I really didn’t want to go without a camera so I took my dad’s DSLR. He has the canon XT, it was kind of hard to take photos of Greg and I, so I took photos of the surrounding instead. It was a lot of fun, and my passion grew from there. I played around with his camera for a little longer, and learned to use it on manual. Then in October I bought my very own XSI! Which is the same camera I use now, and I love it.

I probably enjoy portraits the most, after working at a studio, and then taking a few engagement sessions I got pretty good at it—if I do say so myself.  My one area of weakness is probably buildings, and pulling apart the small details. Which is why I put “photographing downtown Fullerton” into my 101 list. I love the look of downtown Fullerton. The look of the brick sets a somber tone. The bricks also make for a great backdrop for portraits.  Anyway I went there today and at first had a hard time taking pictures. Like I said I have a hard time singling out small details, but after I started to pay attention to the different bricks, it was a little easier. The photos came out pretty good, there sure is room for improvement, and I plan on going back with my nieces and taking pictures of them here, but they were not half bad. I really like the depth of focus I captured.

This was an Irish Pub on the street, I liked their open sign. I also like the colors of this photo.

This was one of my favorites of the day. I love the open door way, and the colors waiting at the end. I wish the sides were a bit darker, and the crop could be better, but I really love this photo. I is the perfect backdrop for an engagement shot, I can just picture a couple at the end of the walk way kissing!

I really like the focus on this picture, as well as the design it reminds me of an Aztec wall. This was one of those “little” details on a big building that I was trying to capture. This is another one of my favorites.

There is a first christian church and their sign was really simple. I like the way the bricks came out on this one.

I like the simplicity of this photo. It also sums up the warm feeling of downtown Fullerton.


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  1. I too take pictures in Downtown Fullerton and I think it’s a lovely place for its scenery. It’s amazing how such nice things are just around the corner.

    • It is amazing, how you can find great photo spots right in front of you isn’t it! I love the fullerton arboreatum too!

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