Weekend Get Away!


If I could remember it, I’m sure I probably had a great weekend—kidding! (About the not remembering, I do, and I did—have a great weekend that is)

On Friday morning at 5am I woke up and head to the smallest airport around—Long Beach—my flight took off at 6:45am, and by 9am I was in Berkley. It was a really nice flight, and I will more than likely fly Jet Blue again! The flight was smooth, nice leg room, easy check-in, and an overall good experience.

One thing I love about Berkley is the public transportation—even thought it can be somewhat scary—it really is an experience that you do not get in southern California.

My time in Berkley was short thought because, soon after Carina and Cassie arrived!!! While Daisy was at work we all went to this cute diner that had a juke box and everything! Around 4ish we took off to Santa Cruz!

Once in Santa Cruz—which is so pretty by the way—we settled in and headed to the boardwalk! They had every deep-fried thing known to man!  After walking around watching a little bit of a free concert we had some yummmmy funnel cake—it was better than Knott’s! They put ice-cream and whip cream on it and it was crispy and perfect! We walked around a bit more, then headed back to Carina and Cassie’s place.  Then we got our drink on!

… Waterfall…Mate…. 😉 kings cup!

 …Just Like High School…

The next morning after waking up—without a hangover mind you—we headed to the beach. The beaches up in Santa Cruz are so pretty, and the one we went to (lighthouse beach I think) was even a dog beach. There were some cute dogs playing around. I had planned on going in the water but it was way to cold!!! I did manage to get splotchy burnt, pretty much any tiny spot I missed putting sun block on was bright red!

 Pretty beach!

We then went to the Santa Cruz diner which has pretty much any food you would want! They were ok, but the brownie ice cream thing was awesome!

After eating, and going back to change out of our beach stuff, we took a mini-tour of UCSC, it’s a really pretty school. The design is very modern; the school is surrounded by forest, and is overall gorgeous. They even had a wall of student painted murals which were nice. Some were really funny like the one bellow.

That night we partied at the apartment again, and I played beer pong for the first time! I wasn’t half bad either! Except I learned that beer can get you a lot drunker than you would think. Even if you are only playing with one can. I ended up drinking more than I should—but its ok because still no hangover the next day! Go water! ( the hangover is greatly in part to dehydration, drink water while you drink and you should be fine) I did wake up with a few bruises on my arms thought… and have no clue how they ended up there.

 Woohoo, we were winning!

Me and Carina–

Anyway we partied to about 5:30am (Sunday morning mind you) and woke up around 11am 12 ish… Since I was leaving that day we all headed back up to Berkley!

It was really a great trip and I was so glad I was able to see Carina, Cassie, and Daisy again. I miss them so much already! I definitely must go back again soon.

Thanks for reading!

P.S. Go me! This trip knocked two more things off my 101 in 1001 list, I can


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  1. I’ve yet to play beer pong and I’m out of college! Just not my thing, you know? Though I do like beer more than liquor, but my favorite beers are the super rich, high alcohol kind so just one will get me feeling tipsy.

    I’ve never flown Jet Blue, though I hear good things. My fav is Virgin Atlantic, love them.

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