Sony Cybershot H55 (new camera :)

Drum roll please! ….. Introducing my new point and shoot:

For almost as long as I had my previous point and shoot I have wanted another one. I really did not do any research on the camera and based my decision all on price (big mistake!) While the camera did take good photos they were not the quality I would have liked. It also had a problem with auto-focus( many of the shots would come out blurry) This time I did my research, and talked to people at work on what camera to get. Knowing I wanted to stay away from canon, I decided upon a sony cybershot. ( I love canon, my DSLR is a canon, and I would never even dream of choosing another brand for DSLR; however, their point and shoots do not produce the type of quality that I am looking for). I chose the Sony H55, and so far I love it! The quality of the pictures is just what I expect, they are actually really nice. This is in part to the lens that the camera has, it is one of sony’s “g” series which are their top lenses. Since it has such a nice lense the photos are crisp and clear, the colors that it captures are also true to life and not blown out. It also has a few different features that I love, one is that you can manually change the shutter and aperture. It also has a panoramic mode!  All in all I am very happy with my choice this time, The camera suits my needs perfectly!

I am very happy with my choice, and would recommend this camera to anyone!


About Theresa Bridget

I have a pretty simple life, but simple is perfect for me.

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