Were goin' to the zoo, zoo, zoo!

I love my nieces! They are just so amazing.

Emily–she is so mature for her age, I sometimes go to her with my problems! She is just amazing, and I love her with all my  heart. She is smart, funny, and I know someday she will do great things! She is also my first niece so she holds a special little place in my heart. I’m her aunt tia (tia not because tia is spanish for aunt, but because she couldn’t say Theresa, when she was little) Now its our joke, I’m her double aunt.

Natalie, now is she something! This little girl has a one-in-a-million personality! She is funny, and smart (when she wants to be). She also has a big heart, and is becoming a wonderful young lady! She is also super energetic, and spunky! She also always wants to make youtube videos, so you will probably see one of those soon!

( P.S I also have one other niece, 5 nephews, and two step-nieces– from my brother however I have not seen those kids in years, I really wish I could thought! I love them just as much!… Even thought I haven’t met 3 of them!)

Well I want to stay close to my nieces, I love them, I want to be there for them when ever they need me. So I plan on taking them out as often as I can. A few days ago I took them to the zoo! Not just any zoo either–since I am the best aunt in the world– I took them to the world-famous San Diego Zoo! I can’t rave enough about the zoo, its conservation efforts, layout, tours, and animals are the best around. Greg and I try to go once a month–we have yearly passes. This time we went we decided to bring Emily and Natalie, since they are on summer vacation.

The day started off just like normal– waking up later than planned, and then going to Starbucks :)!

The ride there was pretty quick about an hour and a half and by 11:30 we were walking into the zoo! (pretty much my favorite place!) Since the girls don’t go to the zoo alot we took them on the bus tour–it is a 35 minute tour around the zoo, it was great for the kids! I pretty much could have given the tour thought I love knowing random tidbits about animals. Natalie loved the tour– as you can tell…

Then we walked around the zoo and went to look at all the animals… The Giant Panda exhibit had one of the baby cubs out which was very cool! Then we saw my favorite animal the okapi (NO it is not related to a zebra, it is the only living relative of the giraffe).

Here are the girls posing for me–I pretty much have to force Emily to take a picture, but Natalie is just like her aunt! lol

After walking thought about 1/2 of the zoo we left for dinner, and went to TGIF–worst Friday’s I have ever been too!

But when we got back we went to the reptile house, and look at this!

It was slivering up the wall, and was very large. Really cool!

Once back at the zoo, Natalie didn’t want to walk anymore so we went to the express bus and took it up to the zebras! Then polar bears…. The only thing is I think they had more fun climbing than actually looking at the animals… guess thats kids for  you. It was actually alot of fun climbing all over, the zoo does a great job of incorporating fun and learning.

Then we tracked up a hill, to elephant odyssey! It is this amazing exhibit that is just over a year old now. You walk through the first part and takes you back a few thousand years and shows the animals that used to live in california, they even had statues of them so kids can climb. Then they have the now extinct animals modern-day companions on exhibit. Just past this, is a giant pool for the elephants! The elephant exhibit is so large, and even has a vet center where you can see the elephants getting check ups!!! I am a real animal junky so this is amazing to me!

That was our day at the zoo… up next month … the wild animal park!

Hey readers!

Do you like the zoo???… Whats your favorite animal, or favorite thing to do at the zoo?


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