Water for Elephants

I rarely read a book that I don’t like. I tend to always find something about the book I like; whether, it is a character, a theme, a line, I try to find something. With good books on the other hand there are always countless things that I like. Water for Elephants was one of these books. I bought this book summer 08, with a big stack of other books (Memory Keepers Daughter/ The Twilight Saga novels/ Dead Until Dark and a few others) Unfortunately I did not start on this one right away… I was then swept up in the Twilight Craze and forgot all about it. Until I found it a few days ago when I was looking for a book for my flight, not wanting to reread another book I picked it up not knowing at all what it was about ( it doesn’t tell you on the back) I began it while waiting for my flight to take off and from the first page of the novel I was hooked! It was an amazing book, that was well written and left you wanting more. It had a deep threads flowing through the novel tying themes together. The character developement was not on just a superficial level, and you really begin to feel connected to Jacob in particular–almost as if his emotions were yours. 

 The story itself  is the tale of an elderly man remembering the years he spent with the circus. It flows from him in the nursing home, to his tale seamlessly. This novel really is one that I am glad to have read, and I guess they are coming out with a movie too. I am actually one of those people who does not mind movie adaptations– I look at them as two separate entities, which is what they are. So I am excited for the film adaptation of it, I really love Reese Witherspoon.

So long for now my blogger friends!

If you have read this novel I would love to hear your thoughts– or if you have any books to recomend please do I still have to knock another 45ish books off my list!


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