I'm on a Boat.

I’m on a boat…. 🙂

Today–well not actually today, since you might be reading this a day, a week, a year down the line–was one of those rare days when both Greg and I have a day off that coincides with each other. Between school and work we have had very few days this summer where we had all day off to spend with each other, so when days–like today–come around we take advantage of them! originally we had planned to go to the beach, we haven’t gone together all summer–which is a shocker considering we live in Orange County! Unfortunately when we woke up it was not a very “beach day,” so we went to Noahs– this amazing bagel place in Huntington, you really should try– for breakfast.
Here I am–always remember, pinkies out!

We started thinking of alternatives, O.C. fair, Irvine park, La Brea Tar Pits, San Diego… then we saw an advertisement for a boat tour! Yeah  a real live boat tour!  So we went home looked it up and it turned out being 45 dollars a person, so um NO! When looking it up thought we saw that Balboa Island had a harbor tour, and it had a 4 dollar off coupon. So we printed two and away we went!
Once we got to Balboa the first thing I wanted to do was ride the ferry. Even thought you don’t need to, I wanted to ride it in, I actually wanted the “I’m on a boat” foursquare badge. It was actually fun I had never been on a ferry before, I thought it was pretty cool you could take cars on. There were some annoying Jr. lifeguards thought– you wouldn’t believe the mouth on some of these 12ish year old kids! Those kids definitely need some soap!

Once off the ferry we decided to walk around a bit to kill some time. There wasn’t too much to see, a few stores, a “fun zone”, and tons of unsupervised kids–boy I can’t wait for school to start back up! I was actually sad because the “fun zone” didn’t have any of the rides it used to 😦 bummer. It was ok thought because it was time for the harbor tour.


The tour is a 45 minute boat ride around the island. It was pretty nice, but I kept thinking “I’m on a boat” — it’s an SNL reference for those who are wondering. We got to see Nicolas Cages old house, and Vanna Whites house. These houses were massive, all had big boats, and all were 20 million plus! I always thought it would be nice to live by the beach… guess I’ll never know! The tour guide told some interesting stories, like one person bought the house a few rows down from his, just to dock their second boat. Another resident also has a live in maid, however he only shows up 2 or 3 times a year– Sign me up for that job! Really these houses were ridiculous on all aspects, size, design, cost! All of the houses were very pretty thought. Houses aside we also saw a bunch of sea lions! They were sea lions not seals, seals don’t have vocal chords. There were two funny ones fighting over the space on a boat. I guess they are trouble makers thought–the sea lions in general– because they tend to sink boats, they are just that heavy!
Photobucket… Jersey Shore Status!

Once the tour was over we went for a snack. We ended up in some candy shop, but really all of the shops sold pretty much all the same food with one variation. After waiting in line we go up to order, and the lady working takes a phone call and starts chatting like there are no customers! I mean she totally ignores us walks away and starts talking about the day she has had–and yes she did see us. She is not some teen girl either, she was a middle aged lady, probably the owner. So Greg and I walked out–no way was she getting our money. Seeing we are walking out she actually shouts “wait no no I help you now!” I just gave her a dirty look and kept walking.

It was just our luck thought because there is a little snack shack thing just down from the shop we walked out of that sells snow cones for the same price; however they were triple the size! Score! So we a rainbow one–I didn’t really want rainbow but I thought he said it was the only flavor he had. Silly me, rainbow isn’t a flavor! Yeah I have my moments :).

The snow cone was good but we only finished about 1/3 of it. In the end I actually like that we got rainbow, because I got to try all the colors! The only down side was that yellow tasted off– I guess it is right what they say about eating yellow snow( kidding!). Also that is probably something you should know about me, I don’t know flavors just colors. I’m like a little kid in that way. Even when I’m drinking, I always want the blue drink! 🙂

After our monster snow cone, we rode the ferry back to our car, and drove down into Newport. Since spaghetti Factory doesn’t open until 5pm for dinner, we walked around this little park called Jetty. I got to see some crab, and it ended up being very pretty. Greg and I played yellow boat–just like yellow car, but with boats. Finally after some more walking it was 5 and we headed to spaghetti factory. At this particular spaghetti Factory, they have complimentary valet parking! Boy did I feel special, they held the door open for me and everything. We did forget to tip them thought :/. Ehh were poor college students.

Our last stop of the night was at “our special spot” It is a little cove in Laguna beach. It actually the beach, that made me fall in love with the beach. Very remote, quite, and pretty. Not to many kids which was perfect! Don’t get me wrong, I love kids, just I had an overload of them today! As we were waiting for sunset we looked at the tide pools a bit, saw a few crabs and amenities, no nemos thought. As the sun started falling I reached for my handy-dandy camera, which decided to die:(, so I got to play around with the  manule functions on the new camera and ended up taking a couple decent shots, not as nice as my DSLR would have turned out but nice enough.

This one here is my favorite of the day…
Balboa 604

Overall it was pretty much a perfect day. The only downside was a little burn, but I’m an Irish gal in So cal, so I’m kinda used to looking like a lobster during the summer time.

Here are some of my other photos of the day:
Setting Sail
Balboa 592
Balboa 153

Balboa 153
Balboa 222

Thanks for reading, see you again!


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  1. Great photos! It looks like a fabulous time!

    Great blog! Glad I found you! From Life of Meg 🙂

    Army Wife. European Life. Two Adopted Danes.
    * http://donandamanda.blogspot.com *

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