Update time Vol. 1

I haven’t posted a real post in a while I don’t want to fall off the blogging waggon so I thought I could spare a few minutes to update this…. The past week and 2 days has been pretty hectic! After such a short summer (because of summer classes) I started back to school, and I was actually kind of excited.

One of the reasons I was excited was the fact that I was able to add an anatomy class( that has taken me a year to get into). They added an extra session and even thought its only open to pre-nursing majors, I somehow got on the list, and boom I’m in the class! YAY! Although it is alot of work, I am so excited that I am taking it, one step closer to adding more letters after my name… because as we all know the more letters the more money–in the health field at least. 

Another reason is because I just like school, yet it stresses me out, but I like it. If I won the lotto and never had to work again one thing I would do is get a degree in random fun majors.  So here is a run down of the week…

M: 8:30am anatomy class! then a break… then Anatomy Lab.. then work… My anatomy teacher seems very fun, she is spunky and it keeps the early morning class entertaining. My lab instructor is also pretty cool, the class may be hard but the professors seem to want to teach and help.

T: Community Health…Program Design…Epidemiology…. then much later Worksite health promotion… Long day…

W: Anatomy Class….

TH… same as T… just take away the worksite health promotion and add work

F: OMG A DAY OFF… well not really work…

So that is my week, this week is shaping up to be the same, just with more work… and next week the same but with even more work…

So I am pretty tired and need to study the bones and landmarks of the face so night night…. Hopefully write to you again soon!?

 –Theresa 🙂


About Theresa Bridget

I have a pretty simple life, but simple is perfect for me.

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