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Photo Challenges

Photos, photos everywhere!
I have been nonstop studying/being sick—food poisioning oh no!—this week so I decided to take a little break and share with you my interpretations for various photo challenges this week!
First up is Shutter love Tuesday:
The theme this week is blue—which happens to be my favorite color yay!
Here is my shot, I have shared this with you before in scavenger hunt Sunday but its blue so I am sharing it again :). I took this shot while driving through a much needed car wash.
Drive by washing
Next is a new one that one of my mingle Monday friends introduced me too and then saw it again on a blogger friends site. This week is black and white portraits.

Aspire Photography
This one is of my lovely niece Natalie. I took this shot of her at the zoo she is such a photogenic little girl! ❤ her!
Next up Simplicity
This week is “out and about” so I am sharing one of my monster jam photos. My boyfriend introduced me to Monster Jam a few years ago, and even thought I thought I would hate it, it turns out it is a lot of fun. I really want to go to Vegas for the finals some day!
Cheering on Grave digger-Day Fourteen
Next up is another new one! Happy Mondays:  The theme here is water drops, so I am sharing with you my snake photo. I really like this capture it was fun to play around with ISO.
San Diego Zoo Photography 085

It is also my first week trying out Perspectives! I know alot of photo challenges but they are just so addicting! The theme this week is hobby. While I don't know if this really classifies as a hobby perse but I love going to the zoo. I go once a month, it really is one of my favorite places to be. Watching the animals is really interesting to, seeing the way they walk, eat, and interact keeps me entertained for hours.Here is a snap from one of my recent trips. The way he was eating was just way to funny to pass up! So I guess going and taking pictures at the zoo is my hobby :)
chow time

Want to play along with any of these challenges? Click the button and find the challenge for you!

The Trendy Treehouse

Aspire Photo Challenge

Ashley Jean



The Zoo, in photos

Rather than post another blog about the zoo, I am posting one about the photos I take at the zoo. Normally the photos I take are darker, high in tone, and saturation. This time I tried something different : I tried to take lighter softer photos and I was happy with the results. I really want to try again. This time I also played around with ISO, which was fun to see the differences. Here are some of the photots…

San Diego Zoo Photography 175

I really like the contrast and detail in this photo.


I did use this one for scavenger hunt Sunday but I really like it so I am sharing it again. I took this one with a lighter exposure then used a cross processing finish. I know it is overexposed but I kind of like it. It gives me a fairytale-ish feeling

lighten up

Again here I tried lighter settings, which I really liked. I was able to get rid of shaddows by shooting at lower settings and then bring the colors back in editing.


I had a lot of fun photographing this snake, he was playing under a shower type thing. This was one of my explorations in ISO. In the reptile house it is very dark, auto ISO wasn’t cutting it so I played around with it, 620 got me this shot.

San Diego Zoo Photography 049

Chow time! This one is a little too bright I think… I still like the capture thought. chow time

This one was originally in color and lighter, yet I reverted to the style I like and make It a bit darker. I really like the composition of this shot


This is my favorite animal right here. It’s a okapi and she is hiding 🙂 I really really love okapis and really really hate when people make fun of them at the zoo. You should hear some of the things!

… Did you know the okapi is the only living relative of the giraffe ( which happens to be my second favorite animal) San Diego Zoo Photography 165

Love these buds, the colors are so vibrant.


Here are the buds again, this time in black and white. slow and steady

Here is this little guy, isn’t he a cutie! I took a lot more black and white shots this time, it is nice taking a different style.

So there are my photos… There are more because we went to a beach for a picnic and to watch the sun set after, but the sunset was pretty disappointing 😦 So I am not going to post them. It was a great Friday and I can’t wait until next Friday. Greg and I are going to the mummy exhibit at the California Science Center 🙂 so excited!

Anyway there is my day in photos  !

If you would like to know we went to the San Diego Zoo–which happens to be one of my favorite places on earth! They really are a great organization feel free to check them out here :

A hunting we will go… (for photos that is)

  • Ok well I know it’s Saterday night and this is “Scavenger hunt Sunday,” but I work tomorrow (11-7) so not a lot of time for photo posting. That is why I am posting this up tonight 🙂

1. Minature
Tiny Flower
So here are some miniture floweres. These are cute little things that grow on some of the cactuses at the zoo.

2. Water Droplet
San Diego Zoo Photography 085
When I think water droplets, I think macro. This is one of the reasons I didn’t think I would be participating this week, I couldn’t think of any water droplet shots. That was until I saw this snake getting a little shower, and look here are some water droplets!


Bedhead… What is that???  I have the type of hair that rarely gets “bedhead,” most mornings if I walked out of the house without brushing my hair you most likly wouldn’t be able to tell… On the rare mornings however, when my hair is a little messy I use a handy dandy ponytail holder, bobby pins, and a cute hair thing, oh and hair spray.

4. Colorful
I am iffy about this shot. I like it then I don’t. I am happy that I went somewhat out of my element to capture this shot. I normally like to shoot bold, dark, higher satuation photos. I challenged myself to some overexposed shots at the zoo to play around a bit.

Eye on you
Eyes… Well its not really eyes, but an eye!

Well those are my photos thanks for stoppying by! Cant wait to see everyone elses work…

P.S if you want to play along next week just click the button bellow!

Photography Fun

I have been super busy with school this week major papers, projects and exams already! I missed out on a few photo challenges and blogs earlier in the week, since I just started I didn’t want to miss out on to many more! So here you have it a few more photos for a few more challenges/ photo blogs… Be sure to check back Sunday for my scavenger hunt photo interpretations, and I will also be posting a blog about my trip ( in photos) to the zoo and la jolla today. Since I have already talked about the zoo it will be mostly photos, so be sure to check back soon!

First up is a new one … You Capture… this week is Flowers!
San Diego Zoo Photography 175
I took this one today and I loved it! I really like the black and white contrast of the image, as well as the detail in the flower. I feel like the black and white makes the flower even more delicate than it already is.

This photo challenge looks like it will be a lot of fun, can’t wait to see what next weeks theme is!

Next up is the ABC challenge. I love this one because I have been wanting to do an ABC challenge for a while now and this is getting me out there to do it!

This week we are honoring the letter "C"

So C is for....

 Candy Corn
Candy Corn

You know what candy corn means?... It means FALL!!! Yay for jackets and coldish weather ( I live in So cal... which means jacket weather is anything under 70... :)


San Diego Zoo Photography 134



If looks could kill?

Look like fun? Then join next week and capture some "D" shots then enter them here :

Well that's it for now thanks for stopping by. Hope you check back for my zoo adventure in photos, and scavenger hunt sunday!

Us, being well… Us.

 Well I know I have a lot of post talking about things Greg and I do, but I haven’t taken the time to introduce him formally. So here you go, this is Greg, and this is what we do when I am trying to avoid homework.

Greg and I have been together for almost 4 years now (October 25th) and even after all that time there are so many things about him that surprise me, make me laugh, giggle, shake my head, and most importantly count my blessings.

For those of you who don’t know …

Greg is very funny. Very smart (when he applies himself). Very resourceful. Very thoughtful (when he wants to be). And an all around good guy. He cares about me more than I thought possible. He also is more than I ever thought I would have.

I know a lot of girls think of the type of person they will end up with. Me, well I didn’t. I didn’t put much thought into the type of person he would be. If I had I don’t know if he would have been just like Greg, but I do know Greg is more than I could have ever imagined ( as corny as that may sound its true). He compliments me well. He isn’t perfect, but he is just what God had in mind for me…(because if you know our story then you know there is no way God didn’t plan it out)

I still can make him laugh with one word… like corn. 🙂 He can still surprise me with heart-shaped notes like the ones that he used to put on my car in high school. We can look at each other and know what the other is thinking.He can still do things that make me feel like we just started dating (which let me tell you can be hard after spending almost everyday with each other for 4 years!) All in all I can’t image my life without such an amazing person by my side.

So yes we are dorks, and we are in love, and most importantly were set for life.

Thanks for reading hope you liked the little peek into my life.

Photo Sunday

I have seen a lot of photo challenges around lately and decided to try some of them out. I found Ashley’s (amazing photos by the way!) through a few blogs I read and decided to participate.  So here is my first link up to Scavenger hunt Sunday.

Well since a wish is a dream your heart makes…. Here is a heart 🙂 This is also a “wish” since it is my anatomy homework, and I am wishing for that A.

Drive by washing

I’ll admit it I am horrible with cleaning my car. It was always somewhat messy. A few days ago I finally went to get it washed at this drive-thru wash by my house. I brought my camera along and was able to snap this shot. It isn’t my style at all so I like the difference.

My original idea was to take a picture of my Vegas fund ( a jar of change I keep in my room), but those photos were just not coming out right. I ended up snapping this one towards the end (luckily my Vegas fund has more than this!) This one is my favorite!

I’m kind of bummed it’s my first week and I wasn’t able to take 5 new photos. This photo is from the San Diego Zoo what I like about this photo is that it looks like a reflection, but it really is two separate peacocks.

This one was hard for me I don’t know why but I couldn’t think of anything square until I was making my lunch and realized my cheese-its are square. So here are those yummy snacks!

Well there you have it my first Scavenger Hunt Sunday, it was alot of fun. Can’t wait for next weeks photos 🙂

Easy A


[So I am just sitting in the hall way in front of class studying….]

When this random girl from my community health promotion class comes up and starts asking questions…

Girl: Did you finish the homework?

Me: oh, yeah I finished that last night.

Girl: Umm are the answers in the book…?

Me: Yeah, kinda, the concepts are in the book.

Girl: Yeah but are the answers

Me: Well yeah you come up with your own answers

Girl: So we have to come up with our own answers, whats the point of that? What kind of professor gives us homework when we can’t find the answers in the book. How are we even going to do it [ how about using your brain!]

[In my head I am wondering how this girl made it to senior year…]

Me: Well its a critical thinking assignment.

Girl: That does matter there should still be answers in the book. Seriously I don’t get it, shes a horrible teacher.

[ Really all this girl wanted was to copy answers from the book to paper. How is that learning at all? Yes I like easy classes and professors just as much as the next guy ( and if you “like the challenge” you know deep down your lying to yourself–you just couldn’t get the easier class) I just don’t understand why people who don’t want to learn are in college, and I don’t understand how they even made it this far.]

Anyway that is my little rant for the day.

Oh wait one more…


To whom ever keyed my car,

Really how old are we now, you’re going to key someones car who you don’t even know?! And the squiggly lines really! I just don’t get people today. I was pretty sure I was in college not high school! Thanks a a lot, remember karma isn’t very nice!

Wednesday Vol.14!

Can you believe it, its that time of the week again!
Wee-bit-Wed…. So here we go!


{one} have you ever won a trophy? if yes, for what?

Yes! I have won tons of trophies—I played softball for 14 years (regular,travel,school,winter) and tennis for 6 years—so that adds up to more than I can count.

I do have two favorite though…

Magnolia High Schools 2007 Athlete of the Year plaque ( I was chosen out of all the girls in my high school, and it came with a big banquet and everything, I felt so special!)



I won Coaches award for tennis, for this one it is actually less the trophy and more the honor. I had two of the best tennis coaches imaginable in high school ( coaching wise and person wise—they are really amazing all around–and getting awards from them was really special J

{two} what was your favorite subject in school?

Biology—I just love it… cells, genetics, ecosystems! I also love American history.

{three} what time do you get up in the morning?

Depends on the day… M & W it’s supposed to be 6:45am. T&Th 8:30 am… and then the rest of the days it just depends on what time I work.

{four} if you could open your own business, what would it be?

I would love to have my own legitimate photography business with a studio and everything! Dream come true!

{five} if you could spend the evening with one rock star/band, who would it be?

Probably N*SYNC I still love them after all these years, or maybe Green Day… (yeah I know my music taste is vast and wide)

{six} what sitcom character reminds you of you?

I don’t know really … I’m funny and quirky.. but can’t think of any characters.

{seven} what are the 3 most important things to you?

Family(this includes my close friends)/Education/Honesty

{eight} chips or popcorn?


{nine} have you ever ordered anything from an infomercial?

No… I really want a snuggie though, and these animal pillow things lol J

{ten} what is one thing that you are grateful for today?

My mom…. Without her I wouldn’t have made it to class today.


Want to play along? Click on the button and head on over, it’s fun trust me!


Thanks for reading!

Photo Challenges!

Well as most of you know I got a new camera (if you didn’t know you can read about it here) and I don’t want all the money spent to sit in a bag and be taken out once a week. This is why I have decided to challenge myself and try to keep up with some weekly photo challenges. It seems like everyone participates in them, so I might as well too! For the most part my blog and my Flickr stay away from each other, I am going to use these photo challenges to merge them a bit more. I also hope that they can get me out of my comfort zone, since most of the photo contest I enter on Flickr are almost always the same theme. I’m 100% sure I will not be able to keep up with each challenge each week—school,work,homework,studying and time with Greg—but I am going to try to make it so I can set aside time a few days a week to snap some shots.
This is what brings me here the first challenge I am deciding to link up to is….

The first challenge is water and at first I didn’t think I had to many photos to choose but then I looked at my photos and realized had more than I thought I was able to narrow It down to these…

La Jolla cove

I took this one at a beach in San Diego, on our way home from the zoo Greg stopped here so I could take some photos of this beach. ( he looked it up and thought it was pretty--so he assumed I would want to take pictures here--and he assumed right!)

Crashing Waves

This one ( the crashing waves) is my official entry. I took this one with my old XSI at Crystal Cover... I know it sounds silly but I can just imagine Ariel popping up from behind the rock... maybe that's why I like the photo so much :)
Setting Sail

This one here was taken on a Harbor cruze I really like the feel of it, and the color of the boat.

Well there you have it my first entry! :)

I also plan on participating in Scavenger hunt Sunday…ABC challenge (this is also one of my flickr groups), and I’m sure some more after I browse around for them.

While I am at it I am also linking up the ABC Challenge to this post as well!

This week is sponcered by the letter “B”

So here is my “B”

Fullerton Arboreatum 038

Lonley Bench
Both of my “B” photos were taken with my new 50D…I am still trying to get used to the settings, but I am pretty happy with the way they turned out… Both were taken at the CSUF arboretum in Fullerton.

Princess Eggy

So a warning to all leaves, news paper, and straws mixed with a tin can don’t keep baby eggs alive… 😦

Let me give you some background on how I came to this conclusion.

My last class on Thursday nights (7-9:50pm ekkk!) is Worksite Health Promotion–one of my health science required classes. In this class we form groups and are assigned a topic that we then base an employee wellness program around. Tonight we started off class with a team building assignment. I actually thought it was a great idea I was able to gauge personalities see who is the “bossy” one and what people actually work well with others.

For this project each student either brings an item or works on the project.

The items are

Tape….Newspaper…Leaves….Popsicle sticks…and a secret item

The secret item was my job… I brought a tin… on my defence we didn’t know what we were doing. Unlike another group which brought a floatie… (ok I don’t know if they actually knew what we were doing, but really a floatie… pretty creative item)

So we placed all our items together and I put my tin down, it was cute and had Disney princess on it.

Those of us that brought the items could not touch the stuff, only talk.

Most groups made a parachute and their eggs survived… Our group tried to protect our egg, but alas princess eggy died… 😦

She had a tiny crack…

He here is… may she rest in peace… or pieces ( ok I know lame joke)


Here is how we did it....

Our first order of business was giving out egg a name... We decided on Princess Eggy, since it was a princess tin that she was in. (oh we also had a feeling she was a girl... maternal instinct you know)

1. We placed crumpled paper at the bottom

2. Then wrapped leaves around our baby

3. Then we put straws on one side of the egg to keep it away from the sides ( that was our problem, I think if it would have had both sides... the tiny crack wouldn't have happened, and our lovely little eggy would still be here)

4. Then we placed popsicle sticks on the top to keep the egg in

5. Then we wrapped newspaper balls all around to absorb the shock.

6. Then the moment of truth came, and our egg was dropped 8 floors from the humanities building (not really only about 15 feet, but since she cracked I wanted us to look better :).

7. We then gathered round unwrapped her... thought she was fine... and then to our dismay we saw a crack. :,(


I really thought deep down it was going to work :( oh well it was fun! I'll just have to remember when I have a real kid... leaves newspaper and straws are not secure.

All in all it was a fun exercise that allowed our group to get to know each other better, and personalities came out.

… This blog is in loving memory of princess eggy.

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