Princess Eggy

So a warning to all leaves, news paper, and straws mixed with a tin can don’t keep baby eggs alive… 😦

Let me give you some background on how I came to this conclusion.

My last class on Thursday nights (7-9:50pm ekkk!) is Worksite Health Promotion–one of my health science required classes. In this class we form groups and are assigned a topic that we then base an employee wellness program around. Tonight we started off class with a team building assignment. I actually thought it was a great idea I was able to gauge personalities see who is the “bossy” one and what people actually work well with others.

For this project each student either brings an item or works on the project.

The items are

Tape….Newspaper…Leaves….Popsicle sticks…and a secret item

The secret item was my job… I brought a tin… on my defence we didn’t know what we were doing. Unlike another group which brought a floatie… (ok I don’t know if they actually knew what we were doing, but really a floatie… pretty creative item)

So we placed all our items together and I put my tin down, it was cute and had Disney princess on it.

Those of us that brought the items could not touch the stuff, only talk.

Most groups made a parachute and their eggs survived… Our group tried to protect our egg, but alas princess eggy died… 😦

She had a tiny crack…

He here is… may she rest in peace… or pieces ( ok I know lame joke)


Here is how we did it....

Our first order of business was giving out egg a name... We decided on Princess Eggy, since it was a princess tin that she was in. (oh we also had a feeling she was a girl... maternal instinct you know)

1. We placed crumpled paper at the bottom

2. Then wrapped leaves around our baby

3. Then we put straws on one side of the egg to keep it away from the sides ( that was our problem, I think if it would have had both sides... the tiny crack wouldn't have happened, and our lovely little eggy would still be here)

4. Then we placed popsicle sticks on the top to keep the egg in

5. Then we wrapped newspaper balls all around to absorb the shock.

6. Then the moment of truth came, and our egg was dropped 8 floors from the humanities building (not really only about 15 feet, but since she cracked I wanted us to look better :).

7. We then gathered round unwrapped her... thought she was fine... and then to our dismay we saw a crack. :,(


I really thought deep down it was going to work :( oh well it was fun! I'll just have to remember when I have a real kid... leaves newspaper and straws are not secure.

All in all it was a fun exercise that allowed our group to get to know each other better, and personalities came out.

… This blog is in loving memory of princess eggy.


About Theresa Bridget

I have a pretty simple life, but simple is perfect for me.

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