Photo Challenges!

Well as most of you know I got a new camera (if you didn’t know you can read about it here) and I don’t want all the money spent to sit in a bag and be taken out once a week. This is why I have decided to challenge myself and try to keep up with some weekly photo challenges. It seems like everyone participates in them, so I might as well too! For the most part my blog and my Flickr stay away from each other, I am going to use these photo challenges to merge them a bit more. I also hope that they can get me out of my comfort zone, since most of the photo contest I enter on Flickr are almost always the same theme. I’m 100% sure I will not be able to keep up with each challenge each week—school,work,homework,studying and time with Greg—but I am going to try to make it so I can set aside time a few days a week to snap some shots.
This is what brings me here the first challenge I am deciding to link up to is….

The first challenge is water and at first I didn’t think I had to many photos to choose but then I looked at my photos and realized had more than I thought I was able to narrow It down to these…

La Jolla cove

I took this one at a beach in San Diego, on our way home from the zoo Greg stopped here so I could take some photos of this beach. ( he looked it up and thought it was pretty--so he assumed I would want to take pictures here--and he assumed right!)

Crashing Waves

This one ( the crashing waves) is my official entry. I took this one with my old XSI at Crystal Cover... I know it sounds silly but I can just imagine Ariel popping up from behind the rock... maybe that's why I like the photo so much :)
Setting Sail

This one here was taken on a Harbor cruze I really like the feel of it, and the color of the boat.

Well there you have it my first entry! :)

I also plan on participating in Scavenger hunt Sunday…ABC challenge (this is also one of my flickr groups), and I’m sure some more after I browse around for them.

While I am at it I am also linking up the ABC Challenge to this post as well!

This week is sponcered by the letter “B”

So here is my “B”

Fullerton Arboreatum 038

Lonley Bench
Both of my “B” photos were taken with my new 50D…I am still trying to get used to the settings, but I am pretty happy with the way they turned out… Both were taken at the CSUF arboretum in Fullerton.


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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day!

    You took some beautiful pictures. I love the first one. The colors are just so bold and passionate!

  2. You first water shot is amazing, love the rich colors. Great stop action shot on the “B”ee photo. Thank you for your participation in the Alphabet photo challenge, I look forward to see next weeks “C”

  3. What GORGEOUS PHOTOS – love them!

    Yay! Thanks so much for stopping by the [Life of Meg] Mingle Monday bloghop! So happy to see you there! 🙂

    Have a MEGnificent week!

  4. Hey! Welcome to the Photography Challenge scene 🙂 It’s a lot of fun. Thanks for linking up this week 🙂 NICE waves crashing. Love it! It’s very dramatic.

  5. Love the pictures..they are very pretty!!

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