A hunting we will go… (for photos that is)

  • Ok well I know it’s Saterday night and this is “Scavenger hunt Sunday,” but I work tomorrow (11-7) so not a lot of time for photo posting. That is why I am posting this up tonight 🙂

1. Minature
Tiny Flower
So here are some miniture floweres. These are cute little things that grow on some of the cactuses at the zoo.

2. Water Droplet
San Diego Zoo Photography 085
When I think water droplets, I think macro. This is one of the reasons I didn’t think I would be participating this week, I couldn’t think of any water droplet shots. That was until I saw this snake getting a little shower, and look here are some water droplets!


Bedhead… What is that???  I have the type of hair that rarely gets “bedhead,” most mornings if I walked out of the house without brushing my hair you most likly wouldn’t be able to tell… On the rare mornings however, when my hair is a little messy I use a handy dandy ponytail holder, bobby pins, and a cute hair thing, oh and hair spray.

4. Colorful
I am iffy about this shot. I like it then I don’t. I am happy that I went somewhat out of my element to capture this shot. I normally like to shoot bold, dark, higher satuation photos. I challenged myself to some overexposed shots at the zoo to play around a bit.

Eye on you
Eyes… Well its not really eyes, but an eye!

Well those are my photos thanks for stoppying by! Cant wait to see everyone elses work…

P.S if you want to play along next week just click the button bellow!


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I have a pretty simple life, but simple is perfect for me.

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  1. Very pretty photos, I especially like the zebra!

  2. I love the droplet shot (even though I have a snake phobia!) its very unusual!

  3. these are such lovely shots, wow that snake shot is amazing. I love these.

  4. I love cactus flowers, they’re such a contrast to the rest of the plant. I love your snake photo too, the droplets look gorgeous!

  5. I was going to say the exact same thing as Shell… that water droplet shot is so stinkin’ cool, although snakes give me the willies! Great job!

  6. Wow awesome photos!! I love the droplet shot. Very unique! Also love the eye. Awesome!

  7. love the zebra eye and the color photo.

  8. I love your photos. When it came to the zebra picture, I was floored. I forgot what all of your photos looked after that. I really love that picture. Amazing! I love that all but the bedhead one came from the zoo. The mini flowers are so cute. I really like that your water droplet shot is not from a plant but from a snake. I like the over exposed flowers. It is fairy like in my head. Beautiful!

  9. I really really really love the zebra!

  10. beautiful eye shot and water droplet shot! Great pictures!

  11. I love your miniature and colorful shots…so beautiful. But these are all great…and I can’t wait to see what you do with the items next week!

  12. I love your droplets shot, so cool on the snake! But the zebra shot takes the cake. How on earth did you get such a great picture at the zoo?

  13. Wonderful shot of water droplets on the snake. The zebra shot would look great on a canvas. The colorful shot looks good as well; I like the bokeh in the background.

  14. I love the Zebra shot!

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