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I have been super busy with school this week major papers, projects and exams already! I missed out on a few photo challenges and blogs earlier in the week, since I just started I didn’t want to miss out on to many more! So here you have it a few more photos for a few more challenges/ photo blogs… Be sure to check back Sunday for my scavenger hunt photo interpretations, and I will also be posting a blog about my trip ( in photos) to the zoo and la jolla today. Since I have already talked about the zoo it will be mostly photos, so be sure to check back soon!

First up is a new one … You Capture… this week is Flowers!
San Diego Zoo Photography 175
I took this one today and I loved it! I really like the black and white contrast of the image, as well as the detail in the flower. I feel like the black and white makes the flower even more delicate than it already is.

This photo challenge looks like it will be a lot of fun, can’t wait to see what next weeks theme is!

Next up is the ABC challenge. I love this one because I have been wanting to do an ABC challenge for a while now and this is getting me out there to do it!

This week we are honoring the letter "C"

So C is for....

 Candy Corn
Candy Corn

You know what candy corn means?... It means FALL!!! Yay for jackets and coldish weather ( I live in So cal... which means jacket weather is anything under 70... :)


San Diego Zoo Photography 134



If looks could kill?

Look like fun? Then join next week and capture some "D" shots then enter them here :

Well that's it for now thanks for stopping by. Hope you check back for my zoo adventure in photos, and scavenger hunt sunday!


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  1. Wonderful macro photography. Love them all… especially the cactus.

  2. These shots are beautiful. I will always love cat photos.

  3. Glad you found some time to take some photos. Love the cactus and candy corn photos. Great “C”‘s thanks for sharing them with us over and the Alphabet Photo Challenge.

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