The Zoo, in photos

Rather than post another blog about the zoo, I am posting one about the photos I take at the zoo. Normally the photos I take are darker, high in tone, and saturation. This time I tried something different : I tried to take lighter softer photos and I was happy with the results. I really want to try again. This time I also played around with ISO, which was fun to see the differences. Here are some of the photots…

San Diego Zoo Photography 175

I really like the contrast and detail in this photo.


I did use this one for scavenger hunt Sunday but I really like it so I am sharing it again. I took this one with a lighter exposure then used a cross processing finish. I know it is overexposed but I kind of like it. It gives me a fairytale-ish feeling

lighten up

Again here I tried lighter settings, which I really liked. I was able to get rid of shaddows by shooting at lower settings and then bring the colors back in editing.


I had a lot of fun photographing this snake, he was playing under a shower type thing. This was one of my explorations in ISO. In the reptile house it is very dark, auto ISO wasn’t cutting it so I played around with it, 620 got me this shot.

San Diego Zoo Photography 049

Chow time! This one is a little too bright I think… I still like the capture thought. chow time

This one was originally in color and lighter, yet I reverted to the style I like and make It a bit darker. I really like the composition of this shot


This is my favorite animal right here. It’s a okapi and she is hiding 🙂 I really really love okapis and really really hate when people make fun of them at the zoo. You should hear some of the things!

… Did you know the okapi is the only living relative of the giraffe ( which happens to be my second favorite animal) San Diego Zoo Photography 165

Love these buds, the colors are so vibrant.


Here are the buds again, this time in black and white. slow and steady

Here is this little guy, isn’t he a cutie! I took a lot more black and white shots this time, it is nice taking a different style.

So there are my photos… There are more because we went to a beach for a picnic and to watch the sun set after, but the sunset was pretty disappointing 😦 So I am not going to post them. It was a great Friday and I can’t wait until next Friday. Greg and I are going to the mummy exhibit at the California Science Center 🙂 so excited!

Anyway there is my day in photos  !

If you would like to know we went to the San Diego Zoo–which happens to be one of my favorite places on earth! They really are a great organization feel free to check them out here :


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  1. Wow – you’re seriously talented! These pictures are amazing!!! The giraffe chewing could be a zoo promo-shot, for sure.

  2. These photos are truly beautiful. I’m here from Life Meg, and am so glad to have found your blog! It’s so cute!

  3. Hello Dearest!

    Just stopping by to say thanks for mingling! Hope it brings you lots of fabulous new followers!

    PS- These are amazing photos! Teach me your amazing tricks!


    [Life of Meg]

  4. Hi, I’m stopping by from Mingle Monday.

    I wish I could take photos like that…I’m certainly trying to learn. Those are amazing, I especially love the ones of the giraffe. Perfect!

    I’ll be following!

    ❤ Jessi

  5. Great photos!! Stopping by from Mingle Monday.

  6. Hi there- Saw your blog on Mingle Monday. You are a fantastic photographer!!! I am so impressed. I really want to learn to take better pictures (I have asked for a good camera for my birthday). So I am hoping to learn some from your blog! Maybe you could post some tips for us wanna be photographers?? I can’t wait to see more!! You have inspired me (and also put my pictures to shame).

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