Photo Challenges

Photos, photos everywhere!
I have been nonstop studying/being sick—food poisioning oh no!—this week so I decided to take a little break and share with you my interpretations for various photo challenges this week!
First up is Shutter love Tuesday:
The theme this week is blue—which happens to be my favorite color yay!
Here is my shot, I have shared this with you before in scavenger hunt Sunday but its blue so I am sharing it again :). I took this shot while driving through a much needed car wash.
Drive by washing
Next is a new one that one of my mingle Monday friends introduced me too and then saw it again on a blogger friends site. This week is black and white portraits.

Aspire Photography
This one is of my lovely niece Natalie. I took this shot of her at the zoo she is such a photogenic little girl! ❤ her!
Next up Simplicity
This week is “out and about” so I am sharing one of my monster jam photos. My boyfriend introduced me to Monster Jam a few years ago, and even thought I thought I would hate it, it turns out it is a lot of fun. I really want to go to Vegas for the finals some day!
Cheering on Grave digger-Day Fourteen
Next up is another new one! Happy Mondays:  The theme here is water drops, so I am sharing with you my snake photo. I really like this capture it was fun to play around with ISO.
San Diego Zoo Photography 085

It is also my first week trying out Perspectives! I know alot of photo challenges but they are just so addicting! The theme this week is hobby. While I don't know if this really classifies as a hobby perse but I love going to the zoo. I go once a month, it really is one of my favorite places to be. Watching the animals is really interesting to, seeing the way they walk, eat, and interact keeps me entertained for hours.Here is a snap from one of my recent trips. The way he was eating was just way to funny to pass up! So I guess going and taking pictures at the zoo is my hobby :)
chow time

Want to play along with any of these challenges? Click the button and find the challenge for you!

The Trendy Treehouse

Aspire Photo Challenge

Ashley Jean



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  1. I love all of these photos…car wash photos are great. And the giraffe shot is awesome. I couldn’t get that close to a giraffe. Great work.

  2. Oh my! You and I have something in common…..finding photo challenges addicting. And I’ve been at it only two weeks! I LOVE the carwash image! Blue is also my favorite color. I might have to try a shot the next time I get my car washed! Your whole ‘collection’ is just great! (Thanks for visiting my blog.)

  3. Your pictures are wonderful. I truly think that giraffe is my favorite. Who wouldn’t want to just dig in to a whole mouthful!

    Mine is here.

  4. Jennifer Lavender

    They are all wonderful, but I think the giraffe is my favorite.

  5. Your photos are amazing. I love the blue one.

  6. Oh, we love the zoo too – wish i could take more photos, but I’m usually chasing the kids down. Perhaps I should go by myself someday!

  7. LOVE these!! Check my blog soon to vote for your favorite!! 🙂

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