California Science Center: Mummies of the world

This past friday Greg and I went to the mummies of the wold exhibit at the California Science Center. We were both excited to see it because well mummies are cool! Unfortunately cameras were not allowed in the exhibit so I don’t have very many photos to share, but I’ll do my best with words.

We went into the exhibit at 12 and one of the first mummies we saw was what looked like a little baby, it turned out that it was really a child and under the cloth they had folded all the bones. Scientist don’t know why, but I sure would like to know.

I was somewhat frustrated at every new mummy: I had so many questions that science could not yet answer. How did this mummy die, who were they, why did they wrap it the way they did. I just wanted the answers! What is pretty cool though is the fact that they can do different types of x-rays, and cat scans to figure certain things out, like some medical conditions, or how old they were when they died. I know it sounds somewhat nerdy, but I’m a nerd.

I also learned that nature can preserve perfect mummies. There was one of a monkey that was naturally preserved. It was so interesting to see this monkey with fur and all in a pose as a mummy. It was also nice to see mummies from areas other than Egypt. I know when I think mummy I think Egypt, but areas like Chili and Argentina used to mummify their dead as well.

unfortunately there were not any sarcophaguses, but there was this one family they found buried under a church. This family was forgotten for generations and became natural mummies. They were a young family all dead before 45, the child dead at 2–very sad–and they were just found laying in a church. The boards read that they had a tragic life, and obviously a tragic death, having being forgotten.

The exhibit was somewhat small, which was disappointing. I was expecting a different type of exhibit to be honest; however, it was still fun and interesting.

We even walked around the Science center for a while which was fun minus the millions of unsupervised kids.

They opened a new ecosystem wing in the center. I think this was my favorite–aside from the mummies– the different biospheres all put together were fun to walk through. They also had a lot of things you could interact with to learn more about that area, since I was a biology major it was a refresher more than a learning experience; yet, it was still fun all the same.

Greg liked alot of the interaction stuff (so did I). We got to drive drunk, drive a hovercraft, play with wind, and watch surgery amoung other things.  I love watching him play he can act like such a little kid and you have no idea how happy that makes me!

Overall it was a fun trip and spending the day with Greg is priceless!

On a side note Our 4 year anniversary is coming up! We have not idea how to celebrate, and I would love your imput.

So far we both came up with two ideas each:

Getting Disneyland passes and spending the day there. (Granted I get my $200 dollar gift card)

Going hiking in Big Bear ( I’m thinking great photo opportunities)

Going wine tasting (More for the photos than the wine…)

Going to the Legoland aquarium (legos + fish… can it get any better!)

Any ideas/imput??? I would love to hear from you.


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