Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Well I will come right out and say it—this was not my week. I had some ideas for photos that just didn’t pan out and got caught up in classes (midterm week!)
Pink, books, leaf, fall colors, orange

This week you’re in luck because I am sharing two pink photos with you-- I just couldn’t choose one. I was trying to think of some pink shots while walking through the parking lot of my school and looked up to see these flowers, so the next day I brought my camera and snapped away. This is one think I love about my school, the scenery is amazing. If you live anywhere near CSUF you should stop by the arboretum some time, in the fall/ winter it is a little dull but still wonderful! The campus has some great shooting opportunities too.

Here is a little guy that was hanging off a tree on my way to work.

Fall colors:

Fall eyes
So this is a stretch and this was not my first idea for a photo, time just got the best of me. I also planned this shot to look different. I had a purplish eye shadow that just didn’t stand out. Yet since there is a brown, green and orange tone I guess it works. I don’t know if you can see but my eyes are grayish/bluish (bottom)/greenish/orangish… which I think is pretty neat!

I had a great idea for a shot with one of my favorite books—Enders game—however when I went to find it, it turns out my dad threw it away. I can’t blame him though it was pretty messed up and I had to glue the middle back in once, guess I have to stop by the books store to pick up another copy. I ended up getting this shot of a book my mom is reading instead. If you can’t see its kite runner, defiantly a good read!
I love Goldfish
These were some fishies I put down for my dog when we went to the park; he likes human snacks as a treat. I like the contrast in colors here and I also love goldfish... they are just so delicious 🙂
Thanks for stopping by, can’t wait to see everyone else’s photos.

Oh, and because I can't help it here is another one of those pink flowers. I just love the depth of feild in this one!

There are some great subjects next week, so if you want to join just head on over to Ashley's blog to play along.


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  1. Those pink flower shots are AMAZING!!

  2. Oh the pink flowers are stunning! I love the depth of field. I love the leaf one too.

  3. Awesome shots! I adore the book with the glasses. Terrific perspective and awesome light on that photo.

  4. I love the Leaf photo… beautiful colors and great composition. 🙂

  5. Very creative! Love the falls colors of the eyes!

  6. You have gorgeous eyes and I love all that you saw and captured this week 🙂

  7. I love your pink shot and of course your orange shot! Wonderful job!

  8. beautiful eyes!!! my favorite shots this week is that lonely leaf.

  9. I seriously love your interpretations…every single one of them and I love your careful/thoughtful consideration for each shot. Have a great week!

  10. Great shots! Love the fall color shot..very unique

  11. Loving all of these, but the leaf shot is gorgeous – the colors! Wonderful job!

  12. The pink flowers are very pretty. I love your eyes. Your eyes alone are gorgeous but also the makeup was great. I’m horrible with makeup application.

  13. Those pink shots are FANTASTIC!!!

  14. Very cool shots.. Your pink flowers look amazing..

  15. great shots! Love the pink flowers and goldfish.

  16. Lovely shots – I really like your take on fall colours. It worked really well and is different from everything else I’ve seen.

  17. Hi…found you on Scavenger Hunt 10.10.10. First, go Irish! Second, love your photo rendition for the hunt. Nice eyes!

  18. Love the first one! The colors and lighting are great.

  19. I love your fall colours shot! it’s great as the rest of the photos

  20. Gorgeous! I love the pink flowers!

  21. Gorgeous !!! Love the leaf with that turquoise sky – beatuiful ! Great colors in all your photos!!

    Have a very nice day!

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