Hello Spring 2012

photofun 032

** Missing from the photo is my community health program book and epidemiology, they just didn't look right lol**

This is my night. Study session for program design. Study session for Community Health. Study session for the bones/muscles of the hand. Then tomorrow a day of hopping for the best :).

In other news, I think I may prolong my college education by another semester, bringing the total to 5 years. ( 5 years total not 5 extra years).I know in the grand scheme of things this isn't going to hurt me, it actually is providing a better opportunity for me to prepare for graduate school; yet, I can't help but think I am stupid, or at least some type of failure for not finishing in four years. In my defence I was a biology major for two years, so the past two years I have been making huge leaps to get back on the four year track. ( and have actually caught up quite a bit) Still I feel like I am a disappointment, to myself if nothing else. My mom keeps telling me that one year is nothing and that I am young, but I am so ready to get my "real" life started (don't quote me on that thought, because I bet in 4 years I will be dreaming of the day when midterms/term papers were my biggest worry)I guess I am just so anxious to graduate because I know after college I will still have @ least 2 1/2 years of grad school, and I want to get the ball rolling. Anyway it looks like I will be graduating with a B.S in Health Science and a minor in psychology in Spring 2012... :/ oh well 23 isn't that bad.

photofun 052

Thanks for stopping by, hope you all have a wonderful night. For me its coffee and books till I pass out.

Lovely Photo - Wordless or Not-So-Wordless Wednesday at Aspire

the long road


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  1. I love your picture in the post below (the macro of the petals, stunning!) but I wanted to post here. Don’t worry about the extra year, if you are enjoying learning and studying and it is taking you where you want to go, then there is no harm in an additional year. I’ve studied for a long time (very long). I think I’ll always be studying something or other. I used to always think that life would start when I got a job, or finsihed my masters or… but it just meanders along and doesn’t really bother much whether your studying or working or travelling. Keep studying!

  2. Do not be so hard on yourself. I am a university instructor, and I can tell you that for more than half of the students, 4 years is no longer the norm. Keep at it no matter how long it takes, and do try to enjoy the journey. “Bestest” wishes!

  3. good luck with your studies!! it may seem to be hard at times, but it will be worth it:)

  4. Your photo made the top 5 in Happy Monday

    go here to check it our and be sure to vote!


  5. Good luck and beautiful photos…

  6. I know I am very hard on myself too, but seriously, five years is not a failure. Let that go. Enjoy your time in school. You are young and have plenty of time for “the real world.” 🙂

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