Scavenger Hunt 10.17

untitled (1 of 1)
This was the item that I was most looking forward to shooting this week, unfortunately it has been a super busy week and I wasn’t able to capture a shot. This is why I am sharing this older shot with you, I took it two weeks ago at Huntington Beach. On a side note it was edited this week, so that kind of counts right? 🙂
Faces Formed in Nature

I am not a very visual person which is why I probably was not good at finding a face in nature. This one is a stretch but it is as close as I go, the little white flower part kind of stick out like a duck… so duck face?

Side light
This one was hard for me, but this ended up being my best attempt at side light. This coke was really yummy, I always drink diet, but we have these new cokes make in Mexico at work so I tried it. Yummmmy!!!

Here is my jack 🙂
When I first took this shot I really didn’t care much for it. It wasn’t completely in focus, probably because it was so dark in the room; yet, after editing I actually quite like it. It is fun.

Well there you have it my Scavenger Hunt Sunday Items, if you want to play along next week or just check out some other cool photos, click the button bellow.


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  1. Warm did come out well, I like how you edited it, and that sunset is gorgeous!

  2. Great takes on the themes. The colors in your sunset shot are amazing! …and yes, I can totally see the “duck” in the flower! =)

  3. These are great – your sunset shot is beautiful. I really like your side lighting shot as well. I typically drink diet coke or coke zero but if we’re honest…true coke (even sweeter coke) is always better! Have a great week.

  4. Love the sunset photo! I also love “warm.” Great photography!!

  5. Those are fantastic shots!! Now I’m curious about the Mexican Coke – we’re big Coke drinkers, so we may have to see if we can find this!!

  6. Love love love your sunset shot! Seriously gorgeous. The colors are amazing.

  7. Wow, I love all of those shots, especially the warm one! Maybe just because I’m in LOVE with Starbucks!!
    Great Job!
    Happy Sunday!!

  8. Great photos! I love the side light one and the face in nature!!!

  9. I’m such a coca cola girl (cherry flav), it has to be my favorite! totally unexpected and I LOVE it 🙂

  10. Nice shots, your sunset is lovely.

  11. Great shots – love your sunset – and your warm =)

  12. I like the duck face!! And your warm shot too 🙂

  13. I’ll jump on the bandwagon and say that I too, really like that sunset. Would have been a beautiful night! But I’m also particularly fond of that coke shot. I seem to really like bottle shots.

  14. The sunset photo is so beautiful! I love the colours.

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