Knott's Scary Farm

This past friday I spend my night running, jumping, and screaming, all in the name of Halloween Haunt. Those familiar with Orange County have probably heard of Knott’s Berry Farms: Halloween Haunt. Those who haven’t it is when Knotts-an amusement park– transforms and fills the park with mazes, monsters and everything creepy. They have 11 walk through mazes and two rides which are decorated in the style of mazes.

Halloween Haunt has been a growing tradition of mine since I was 12, it is something about being scared in a controlled enviroment that  I love, and Greg loves it just as much–well actually more– than I do. On Thursday night I even got this text from him : “Only 29 more hours until Haunt =]”… Yeah I know he is a cutie.

While normally it is just Greg, Mike ( our friend) and myself  that go, this year some of my friend from work ended up coming too. Which was awesome because I work with pretty amazing people, and I have always enjoyed going with larger groups anyway. On top of going with such amazing people, this year Knott’s really out did itself. It was pretty much the scariest haunt yet.

I always have fun @ haunt, mostly because I am so jumpy to begin with, but this year was over the top, I even lost my voice the next day!

Out of the 13 mazes Labyrinth was by far the best. It is a forest/castle theme maze with mythical creatures, vampires, and other monsters ready to pounce. The monsters in this maze really went all out, they were awesome. There was even this monster on top of the maze that held branches/ leaves down to ruffle people with, that scared me the most since I had no idea what was going on. 

A new maze Virus Z was also really fun/ scarry.  It was a zombi maze and half the time I had no clue where the monsters were hidding so it added to the scar factor. I also jump at every little thing, so that helps with the scare factor too lol.

Outside of the mazes there was actually a real “scare” as well. While we were in line for supreme scream an actual fight broke out. It was 4 guys against 1, and the aftermath was really bloody : blood on the floor and railing. We have no idea why they fought but it added some extra excitement to the night.

And no trip to Haunt is complete with out watching  the hanging, which is a tradition of knott’s. It is a parody recap of the year where they finish it off by hanging the biggest annoyance of that year. For example last year the victim was Edward Cullen, even though he can’t die that way :p. I wont give away this year but I was happy with the result. I know it sounds somewhat morbid, but it really is a funny parody. This year was a little dry, but still funny.

But back to the mazes out of all 13 only three were just ok. By just ok, I mean they were well decorated but I didn’t get scared in them. 😦   One, corn stalkers –a barn style maze– only had about 10 monsters which compared to the volume of people walking through was lame, at least I screamed once during this maze! The other two Day of the Dead and bigtop– clown maze– were just ehh. They had almost no monsters, it could have been because it was getting later and they were on break/ going home. Either way they were not at the top of my list.

My favorite: Doll Factory, was decent but not as scarry as last year. I think it has alot to do with when you go through each maze though. Prime maze time is about 9-11, at least thats when I notice mazes are the best.

Me and T

Aside from the three ehh mazes this was by far the best haunt in a long time. I think it has alot to do with going with a larger group, but Knott’s really did step it up with year.


Sorry for the long post, I just love haunt! If your around the area I deffinatly recomend going, and for those of you who have went what did you think ?


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