Thanks for four years, here is to many more.

As I have mentioned in previous post this past Friday Greg and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary, since he works on the day of our actual anniversary (10/25). In honor of our previous anniversaries, there were a few mishaps that wanted to ruin the day; however we made them work and ended up having a great day. Oh, and I’m being serious with the mishaps: our first anniversary Greg’s car broke down, second he worked late and we missed our dinner reservations, third had a beach picnic and the food fell in the sand. I remember at the time, I was so disappointed by everything that went wrong. Now thought I look back at all of these and laugh, they are fun stories to tell!

I blind folded Greg so he wouldn’t know where we were going, the only downside was he fell asleep in the car :).

This year I had planned a surprise Disneyland trip, since it had been almost a year since we have been. Due to Halloween Time @ the Disneyland Park they closed at 7pm so I wanted to get there when they opened so we could spend the whole day there. Unfortunately I had gotten pretty sick on Wednesday and it had gotten progressively worse all week, so I ended up oversleeping; however when you live 5 minutes from Disney oversleeping isn’t that bad. Just like any other trip-or more accurately anything we do—the first stop was starbucks yummy! I got an espresso Frap and Greg got a café vanilla Frap with a pump of peppermint (really, really yummy if you like peppermint).

Then we headed off to the park, the first stop was Anniversary pins, and then conformation of the special surprise! The special surprise –dinner at Ariel’s Grotto which included premium seating to the world of color show; however even though I made reservations a week early with Disney dinning they didn’t have them, they had us down for a different package, which we didn’t want. So that didn’t pan out. It was ok though since I was sick I wouldn’t have been able to taste it, and Greg promised that we can go for my Birthday. 🙂

After that little let down, I felt super bad, I wanted a smooth planned out anniversary and it kind of fell through, but Greg was ok with the change of plans. We decided to then head to Space Mountain for the first ride, which was totally cool seeing as it was vamped up for Halloween. We went on a few more mellow rides: pirates, storybook land… Buzz Lightyear’s astroblasters (which is my favorite ride)

Disney 133
Here we are after walking around a bit this is in front of rivers of America.

Burger and Fries

Then it was time for some lunch, we ate at tomorrowland terrace, which has some pretty good burgers and fries.

disney 058
Here we are in front of the giant mickey pumpkin.
Disney 001 (2)
…And here we are in front of the castle. This is actually my favorite castle shot of us 🙂 so happy we finally have one I like.

After lunch we went on a few more rides, like Big Thunder Mountian:
disney 028
Thats us on the ride

Disney 005 (2)
Here I am! I love taking pictures at disneyland, the attention to detail they have are amazing.

Around 6ish Disneyland began to get really crowded, I am assuming from everyone coming to the Halloween party, so Greg and I decided to head over to California Adventure. Which was fine with me because they have my second favorite ride Toy Story Midway Mania!!!

Here we are wearing the super cool 3d glasses.

After a few rides we strolled over to where -drum roll please– the new ARIEL ride @ CAA is going to be. So I had my picture taken 🙂 To fill you in I love Ariel, I have figuines, blankets, pillows, earings, sillybands, cups, bowls, you name it I have it! I have a long explination as to why I like Ariel so much, but that will be for another time. This Ariel ride opens up in 2011 so I can’t wait, I promise you I will somehow be one of the first to ride it!

Then Greg and I went back over to the pier to ride California Screaming and saw this cute little box where we became toys!

Hmm, this is kind of becoming a photo dump, but since most of my readers-and me alike- love photos, and we are almost done I’ll continue.

We also went on the new “Mickey’s Fun Wheel” which if you haven’t seen it a ferris wheel, that also moves, I forgot how scary that thing is! When you get to the side, there is one point where you are almost vertical with the water!

After a few more rides we went to have a little dinner yummy soup bread bowls, and wait for world of color. World of color was an amazing show! If you ever have a chance go see it, it was amazing!

Here are some photos from the show, I am thinking of doing a whole post on them next time I see the show. ( since I have a pass now 🙂 )

Disney 616

Disney 619

World of Color
Disney 742

Disney 779


The last two, were experiments, one of the October Photo challenge items is bokeh, I snapped a few shots of fireworks as we were leaving, but I am going to go back some time this week to try again. It think it can turn out to be neat.

I stole Greg’s popcorn, he doesn’t like when you steal his popcorn :) he he. I actually got a mickey bar. Which even though its like any other vanilla icecream with chocolate covering

Being @ Disneyland with a cold all day tends to wear you out, once I got home I ended up laying on the couch and was asleep in 5 minutes, so Greg took pictures :p. Oh, and yes that is an Ariel blanket and pillow and earings, I REALLY love Ariel and all things Ariel.
4 year anniversary 174

Oh, and this allows me to cross another item off my 101 list!!!! I got a Disney Pass!


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  1. looks like you two really had fun! happy anniversary to you both, just a couple of days late 🙂

  2. This is very cute, you two look perfect together. Hope many, many more anniversaries come your way.

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