Hello Wednesday how are you this week?

Me? Well I am ok, no, actually I’m not. I am angry, hurt, upset, scared, and a million other emotion right about now. I am very emotionally drained from events of last night. I wont go into detail because I would rather not say/don’t want to spend more time thinking about it. What I will say is that right about now I need some comfort so I will share these photos with you; these photos make me feel a little more at ease.

Setting Glass

Roses 036

Roses 012

I love how photography can turn a day around. If I am upset all I need to do is pick up my camera and the world is different when I am looking through the view finder.

These are roses that Greg brought to me on our anniversary. So naturally I had to take photos of them :).

Roses 001

P.S in the time it took to write this I already feel a bit better.There are amazing people in this world that know just what to say to brighten your day. They can take it from rock bottom, to completely ( well, almost completely) fine. So thank you, I always though you were amazing, but now x that by 10.

Lovely Photo - Wordless or Not-So-Wordless Wednesday at Aspire

the long road


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  1. LOVE that silhouette shot. Gorgeous. Completely agree about photography; it is truly the only thing that gets me through the day sometimes. Hang in there.

  2. these are absolutely stunning, I love how you have composed these shots. I hope you feel better soon, hang on in there.

  3. Wow, very creative black and white. Must say though that I really love the color ones.

    Erika B

  4. Wow!! I love the colors in these…these definately would brighten my day!! And I love the black and white…it really doesn’t even look like a photo! Hope your day goes better for you!

  5. I hope you have a better day – I love the mood of these photos. Very interesting.

  6. I love your pictures!!! Wow!!! The first one is just gorgeous to me. Hope you have a great Wednesday Hope things get better.

  7. beautiful stunning fantastic images, they could brighten anyone’s soul, happy to hear you are feeling a bit better! sending positive thoughts your way today!

  8. Amazing…color….images! I have been going through some horrible experiences lately and my photography has kept me sane. I hope you are feeling better soon. I’m in for a long haul.

  9. Excellent silhouettes! I love the colors.

  10. Wowza, Whoaza and holy cow! Those are BEAUTIFUL! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING! And GORGEOUS!

  11. Absolutely beautiful!

  12. Love what you did with this. Beautiful.

  13. Beautiful shots, and I agree…sometimes just looking at things from a different angle helps so much, and I find that with camera in hand I notice the beauty of the things that surround me so much more. have a wonderful day!

  14. nice photos! sometimes when I have a bad day,I start to edit photos and somehow it lets me to forget about things for a little why

  15. I’m seriously in love with that first one. The distortion of the sunset colours in the glass against the original colours in the sky… beautiful 🙂

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