Scavenger Hunt Sunday 10.31

Happy Halloween everyone, hope you are having/had a great one!

Here are my photos for this weeks scavenger hunt Sunday! I am actually quite impressed with myself this week all of my photos were taken by Thursday!
1.  My town

My town

KH Building CSUF

This week you get a double dose. When I was thinking my town I immediately went to the city I live in; however, my college is in another city and I consider Fullerton just as much ” my town” as Anaheim, which is why you get double town! For Anaheim I am sharing Sleeping beauty’s castle ( yes I know more Disney, but I warned you, I have a pass now). This castle is pretty much the epitome of my town, which is known for two things Disneyland and the Angles. Honestly the first question I always get asked when I say I live in Anaheim is : “How far do you live from Disneyland.”… The answer is 5 minutes, in case you were wondering. The second shot is of my school: CSUF, the building pictured is even “my building,” since 4 out of my 5 classes are in this building.

2. Something Vintage


This is another shot where I am giving you double. I really like both shots, I love the look of the clock, but I also like the look of the whole table. Since this is for the October Scavenger Hunt too, I would love your input in which one you like better…Right now I’m leaning towards clock.

3. Tilt-Shift


So for this one I tried to recreate an older tilt-shift that I took about a year ago. I am not thrilled with the outcome of this photo. So I tilt-shifted another shot of CSUF as well.

4. Dress up

Well since there are no little runs around here, I had to search for someone dressed up, and since I am a little apprehensive to take photos of people I don’ t know I found “something” dressed up. Here is a skeleton pretending to be Santa Claus

5. Chocolate

This was the only item where I didn’t have an immediate idea on what to take, and then I came across these yummy looking cupcakes and let my camera go to work. I am not a fan of chocolate but these do look really yummy!

Well there are my photos for the week, can’t wait to check out everyone elses interpretations! Oh, and don’t forget to come back Monday or Tuesday to check out all of my October Scavenger hunt photos as of today I still need two photos but hopefully I’ll knock those out after work!

Liked my photos? Then head over to Ashley’s blog to check out other amazing photos!


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  1. Great shots, and those cupcakes look yummy!

  2. Beautiful shots! Love the cupcake shot. Yummie!

  3. I loved the Disney Hollywood Tower ride!

  4. Great shots. My favorite: The clock.

    Can’t wait to see your October Photohunt entries.

    If you have time, do drop by:

    My Entry

  5. Great photos, but I’m now drooling over the cupcakes, as I haven’t had breakfast yet!!

  6. I’m loving your vintagy vintage shots!

  7. Wow that is some castle – as soon as I saw it I knew you must live somewhere near Disney. I really like that clock face photo – it certainly would be my choice for the October hunt.

    Thanks for visiting me today 🙂

  8. I love when I have lots of time to read the thought behind the photos – you put so much thought behind your work this week and I love that. Let’s see…a favorite…probably the clock. Very neat.

  9. I LOVE your vintage clock and those chocolate cupcakes look really yummy! Yummilicious bokeh on that shot, too, by the way! 🙂

  10. I love your dress up and chocolate pics !!!

    Happy Halloween from Finland ! I have lots of Halloween pics in my blog during this October many in October photo hunt 20 pics in page 2 (you klick in the end of page so you get next page. my blog is in english/swedish/finnish )

  11. Oh man…I need that cupcake, like, now – looks super-delish! Really like your Hollywood tilt-shift photo, too!

  12. Oh man…I need that cupcake, like, now – looks super-delish! Really like your Hollywood tilt-shift photo, too.

  13. I like the table shot best. But all of your work is great and getting better every day

  14. Great shots and I enjoy the commentary too!

  15. I want to go to the “Happiest place on earth!” I love the clock photo, and the “Jack” photo, and the cute Mickey Mouse sprinkles on the cupcakes. Great shots all around!

  16. Tara @ tarainwonderland

    Great chocolate shot!

  17. I like the vintage picture and the last tilt-shift picture! Great shots!

  18. Ooops! When I saw your 1st photo, I thought you lived somewhere in the Middle East and that the Disney Castle was a mosque. Just chalk it up to early onset : ) Those cupcakes look very yummy. Love the angle of the shot. Nicely done.

  19. I so like your vintage photos, and your till shift is great!

  20. Love your photos… and your little blurbs for each one.

  21. I love these shots. Especially the dress up.

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