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Scavenger Hunt Sunday 11.27

This has been a light week for photography. I had the week off school so initially I though snapping this week would be a breeze; however, black friday had plans of its own. I worked a lot this week so I was really to tried to pick up my camera most days. I did manage to get some shots, so without further ramblings here I go….

1. Black and White

2.  I ate this…
thanksgivin 051
Some mini cupcakes I made. They were really yummy! I tried taking pictures of them a few other ways, but they weren’t “right” so I stacked them lol 🙂

3. Historic
Parents Ring 082

My parents wedding rings, are historic to my existence :)
4. Off Center

5.  The end
photography 043
Here is the end of a long day for my little boy! See that little eye peeking at me… so adorable!

If you have time check out this post… it is about a blog hop I am thinking about starting–and yet photography would have some part in it!

well that’s all folks check out more over at Ashley’s blog


Hope everyone is having a nice Sunday…


Hello Twenty-11 blog hop

For some time now I have been wanting to start a blog hop type event. Originally it was a photography conest, but realistically I know I would probably fail at that. With the new year rolling around I though it would be perfect to start my blog hop.

Here is the run down of what I am thinking… and since it is still in developement feel free to add your thoughts!

 Hello twenty-11 is what it would be called… and this is the main idea I have so far:

Some time in december I would open up a link so everyone can join it.

You would post your wishes/wants/goals/events pretty much everything and anything you want to post about 2011. Write up a post, add pictures have fun with it!

Then each month would have two post

1. At the beggining of each month you would post anything you want about that month, goals, progress, events, pictures, life….

2. Then at the end of the month you repost and update everyone of your progress.

3. Each month will have a theme, (life…spring…summer…ect) Then best photo entered for that month will get to be featured.

This is a rough idea so I would love imput…

So does this sound cool…lame… would you want to try it out? Leave me comments and let me know what you think!


Well hello everyone!
How was everyones thanksgiving?
Mine was pretty much everything I could ask for.
First I got to sleep in, which actually turned out to be a bad idea.
My day started off by me waking up at about 10 then laying in bed until 10:30.
It was amazing at the time, yet right now it is really starting to catch up with me.

My little Ty! He is happy because there is food.
After I woke up and got ready, Greg came over and we just hung out looking at ads.
Then around 1 o’clock we made our way towards Greg’s Great Aunt and Unlces house, where we spend thanksgiving.
I love spending it there–they are such amazing people–and it is fun to have a larger gathering.
My family doesn’t do large gatherings, most of the time it is My parents, Greg and I–so a large group is fun.

Dinner was great, well what I ate of it… I’m somewhat picky about what I eat, and I absolutely HATE ham, and I’m also not a fan of turkey. We eneded up staying at his Great Aunts until about 6…
Which is when we went back to my house, and I told myself I needed to get some sleep (since I worked at 3am black friday), but no luck, so Greg and I headed to Walmart their sale started at 12:01…
It was a Bad idea, it reminded me just why I hate walmart. Anyway by the time I got home at around 12:45 there was no point in going to sleep…
So I stayed awake… went to work… and now after more than 24 hours with out sleep I am sitting here typing this.
Black Friday was pretty fun though, pretty busy, and even though starting work at 3am is super early, getting off at 11:30 is nice.

The crowds were not what I was expecting, not very large, the day went by really fast though.

Well hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving! Did anyone go shopping, how was it?

Oh, and if you have time head over to Ramblings and Photos… There is going to be a 2010 reflection list sounds fun, so I’ll be there and you should too!

Little more me…

I haven’t played along in a while, so I though I would link up before I head off to work.

{one} what kind of camera do you have? My photography camera is a canon 50D and my normal point and shoot is a Sony H55–love that little thing!!!!

{two} you just won $1000 and you have to spend it on yourself on one item. what do you buy? 100mm macro L lens 🙂 I’m hopefully going to buy it as a “birthday” present to me, if I keep getting these 30+ hour weeks at work.

{three} if you had to choose, would you rather live with your parents in the same house forever or 5000 miles away? Same house they have to die sometime right?–KIDDING!!!! My mom actually said to put that… but realistically I would live with them forever, I live with them now and love it.

{four} is your christmas tree up yet? I WISH! But Disneyland’s Tree is up!

{five} do you bring reusable bags to the grocery store? Nope, but I sure do have a lot of them

{six} which would be worse: listening to the same song on replay for the rest of your life or having to eat the same meal everyday for the rest of your life? Same song, I could eat the same thing forever.

{seven} name 3 things you are thankful for this season. My parents (if you read an earlier post this week, you know they mean the world to me), Greg and his family 🙂 and my life, I am so blessed to have the love and support that I do have!
zoo 114
{eight} do you dye/highlight your hair? if so, do you do it yourself or have it done at the salon? I used to, but haven’t in about 2 years

{nine} would you rather watch a movie at home or at the theater? Home, I love cuddling on the couch

{ten} would you rather win $1000/week for life or $5 million all at once? I would probably go with 5 million all at once, then put it in various CD’s so that I could then live off the interest that it creates.



Photography Wednesday

Time for some of my favorite blog/photography hops…(who am I kidding, they are all my favorite!) 🙂

This week I decided to show some of my beginning photography shots to demonstrate my growth as a photographer. Lately I have been getting some pretty negative reviews towards my photography on other external websites that I post pictures to. Most of the comments are people who are just negative, but I can’t seem to shake them. It has been leaving me feeling very uncreative and lack luster towards picking up my camera. The other night I was even telling Greg I should have never wasted money on upgrading to a 50D ( some of the comments were really nasty and people pretty much tore apart my work) So I decided to go through some of my first photos to remind myself how much I have grown, and to also remind myself that even if you have one person who hates your photo, it doesn’t mean 10 more people don’t love it. I’ll start with the third shot I ever took with a DSLR.

Splash of color

[July 16, 2007 Canon Rebel XT]

To sum up the story Greg and I were bored and decided to go to CSUF to take pictures ( I wasn’t a student yet) so I had no idea what there was to take pictures of, and I also had never even picked up a DSLR before. I ended up shooting this… completely on auto. I fell in love with photography that day, the fact that you can capture a beautiful moment and freeze it was amazing.

Then I took my camera to the zoo… Here are some of my first shots ( all still on auto)

Don't mess with dad Heres looking at you

[ May 4, 2008 Canon Rebel XT] At this point I just snap, snap,snapped, I didn’t look at composition, exposure, or any of the other nitty Gritty.

Here is a re-shoot of those last two ( both full manual)

Watching over the pride [October 8th 2008 Rebel XSI]Stalking November 10th 2010 Canon 50D

* This lion shots actually got a lot of negative reviews…. Someone even posted it was so horrible I should quit taking pictures; however, I like the image, and compared to one of my early shots it is great.

chow time

Comparing these two giraffe shots is like night and day almost.

This is one of my early disney shots.

It is kind of cool but it is also blurry, I had no idea what ISO/Shutter speed/Fstop was. I would take a picture about 10 times changing the setting until it wasn’t to bright or to dark anymore.

Round and a round
[August 2008 XT]

This second Disney shot though I shot it once. I knew exactly what setting to put it on, I knew what ISO was and I captured a nice shot in my opinion.
Rainbow Reflections

[October 2010 50D]

Some more early shots:
blending in


falling over

Long Drive Home
Here are some of my more recent shots

Hanging Cross Day 1


Morning Rose
I know that my photos are not without faults, and I need to ignore the negative comments; however, some times it can be so hard.  This little reminder of growth is giving me a little more confidence to pick up my camera and start on the scavenger hunt list for this week 🙂

Sorry for the picture and word overload this post really was more for me to reflect back on my photography, and to remind myself that I am a good photographer and I can take great images.

Happy Wednesday, hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow!

Only 2 more days until black Friday 🙂 Is anyone camping out–we already have 3 people camping out in front of my best buy! I start work at 3am, and I am so excited!

Lovely Photo - Wordless or Not-So-Wordless Wednesday at Aspirethe long road

11.23 Photography Tuesdays

Well here are a bunch of shots for varous photo challenges. It feels like forever since I liked up, I am so glad I had time to play along again!

Something you are thankful for…@ Simplicity and

35 years\

One of the biggest things in my life that I am thankful for is being blessed with the parents that I have. Most of the other things I am thankful for ( my education, my transportation, my place to live…ect.) are all because of them as well. Rather than use a picture of them, I took a picture of their original wedding rings. The plain gold band is my mother’s wedding ring, and was originally my grandmother’s (also Theresa) ring. The small ring—I mean small it is about 1/4th carrot max—was her engagement ring, and the larger ring is my dads’. When they were married 35 years ago they had nothing (and I mean nothing, that ring cost 30pound and took them 8 months to save for), my mom was only 17 and my dad was 21, but they made it work. Four years later with two kids under three they to California (from Belfast, Ireland) and after many, many, many years of sacrifice and hard work created a comfortable life. Their story is really amazing, and it inspires me so much—I really should post a blog about it sometime. They work so hard for everything, they are extremely amazing, and I could go on and on but I’ll leave it at that for now. I love them, and am eternally thankful for having parents like them.

Family @ The moments inbetween
Generations of love
This is a ring that my grandmother Theresa ( yep just like me) had. I am pretty sure it was her wedding ring. I never met her, or any of my grandparents for that matter, so it is nice to have items of my grandparents as a link to the past. I know this is probably not what the challenge was going for, but I don’t have a “family” of my own yet, and my family and I never take pictures. So I used a family heirloom. ( Hope thats ok?)

Sorry for the long post to some of these photos, if you didn’t read it all I don’t blame you. I just felt like I should give these photos a little more justification.

Fall @ Trendy Treehouse
I finally have a fall photo lol
The Trendy Treehouse

Music @ Happy Mondays
The Touch
Here is my ipod, without which I would never make it through the school day :).
Ashley Jean

Touch up Tuesdays

Pale rose.

This is one I took while playing around in the backyard. The editing is done with Lightroom 3 and some preset actions. I desaturated the image with an action called “old photo 3,” then I lightened up the photo with “Mr. Brightside”, and added medium grain.  I also removed the small amount of pink in the right corner I don’t know why but I have been loving grain lately. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I guess it is just my way to kind of use texture since lightroom can’t do layers ( @ least I don’t think it can…)
Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama

Thanks for stopping by to check out my photos, hopefully I will see you back for wordless Wednesday!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 11.21

Well I’m back! Last week I was pretty much absent from the blogging world, but now I’m back!

I love, love, loved the items on this weeks list and got a little carried away shooting tons of different things. Which is why I created an Outtakes post, so if you have time check it out too! Alright so without further ramblings here are my shots:

The view above:

This shot was taken from the 6th floor of the State college parking structure @ CSUF. I love the colors! This was actually an experiment with preset actions I downloaded for Lightroom. I am getting used to lightroom now, but elements is now on my wish list, I really want to play around with textures!

Something Hot:


These photos could have totally worked for last weeks candle, in fact I actually bought these candle to take these shots last week but didn’t get around to it. So instead you have them as something “hot.”

Something Cold:
I wanted to shoot a frap for this shot, kind of as a re-shoot of this shot, but time/whether did not permit so this ice worked just as well. Yummy Diet Dr Pepper, which I think taste just like normal Dr. Pepper!


This by far was my favorite item this week. Probably because I love electronics; so I kind of went crazy shooting a bunch of different things. I settled on this shot, even thought this isn’t actually an electronic device, it is the first place I think of when I think electronics. Yes, that is my name tag, I work @ best buy as a customer service specialist a.k.a customer service a.k.a peoples punching bag… lol kidding about the last one… kind of. P.S. its an amazing job. And P.P.S I’m SUPER excited for black Friday—I work at 3am!!! And P.P.P.S since that wasn’t necessary electronic, I threw in my picture of my ipod touch.

Sparkly = Edward Cullen 🙂

I knew right away what I wanted to take a picture of, but the shirt I wanted to use was MIA  So I used the next best thing, the page of the book where we find out the vampire…. SPARKLES!

So there you have it my photos for this week.
Oh, and like I said above I went super crazy with photos this week so check out my OUTTAKES.

I have the week off school so I can’t wait to take lots more photos for next week

Thanks for stopping by, can’t wait to check out what everyone else captured.

11.21.10 Outtakes

These are my outtakes from this weeks scavenger hunt. I had so many I decided to devote a post to them :). Enjoy.

View from above:


This was my other “view from above shot”

Sometime hot

I actually had a lot more candle shots but here are two i converted to black and white

Something cold

Love Greg’s hand in this shot.



Brace yourself–this was my favorite theme this week so I went a little crazy!

My ipod 🙂


My games and controls, I’m such a gamer!

I don’t know if the image is to small to see, but the message is “network failed” 🙂 because we all know technology loves to mess with us!


Those are my games… 🙂






The lights on this sign sparkle 🙂

Just like all of the….… Cullens. 🙂


Well there you have it some outtakes 🙂 hope you enjoyed, please tell me what you think I love getting feedback on my photography.

Touch Up Photography.

F/ 5.6 1/50 ISO 1250

Because of the time of day, and location this is the brightest I could get this photo without it being blurry.

For this photo:
I changed the exposure to -50 on lightroom
Then Desaturated the photo, while upping the yellow tones.
I also added heavy grain to the photo.


Check out more great editsTouch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama

San Diego Safari Park

As I have probably mentioned quite a few times, Greg and I LOVE the zoo! It is one of our favorite places to go. Personally I am a HUGE advocate for Zoos-granted they are ethical and the what not- I truley believe they work towards the greater good for animals. Another reason I love going to the San diego Zoo is that it is a non-profit, and thus after bills are paid money goes back to the animals. Anyway, that is enought of my little zoo rant. I love them, end of story, on to the next story about our trip to the San Diego Safari Park!

zoo 114

This past Wedensday after my 8:30 class Greg and I headed down to the Safari Park–after grabing some starbucks of course- to spend the day taking picture and relaxing.

zoo 133

While the Safari Park and Zoo are both “zoos” they are very differnt. The Safari Park is vast and spread out with animals in a more natualr habitat; however, the downside is that while you can get closer to some ( lions) others (tigers, zebras, rinos…) are far away and hard to see.


I really had a great time, the only disapointment was that my photography just wasn’t on par. I guess I wasn’t feeling it, although I though my photos were coming out well, on the computer they looked somewhat fuzzy. I hope nothing is wrong with my camera–it is only 2 months old.  Hopefully it was just an off day though.
Another thing I love about the zoo is the view you can get of certian animals. Like this lion!


And even though I’m pretty sure we were not supposed to do this… look at this little dearish thing that came up and started kissing Greg!
Yet another thing I love about the Safari Park is all the walking. It means that Greg and I get to spend the day talking, without the distraction of cellphones, TV, or computers. I love any time that we can spend together, he always acts so fun and silly, it reminds me exactly why I fell in love with him :).
like this:
zoo 164

The Safari Park also has a lot of “interactions” for kids to learn with, like this little spot that let you test your jumps. I did a trust fall instead 🙂
zoo 178

I also get a chance to take some pretty cool pictures of things you don't normally see.



This is an Okapi, it is my favorite animal. Isn't it the cutest little thing!

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