Self-portrait outtakes

Here is a quick disclaimer to start off the post.
I realize by posting this it may seem a little vain or conceited; however, I'm not, I though it would be a fun post to share my photos and personality. So that you ( the readers) can in turn get to know me a little better!

This is the shot I used as “self-portrait” for the october 2010 scavenger hunt.
pumpkin 121
I know many people–probably more people than not–hate getting their photo taken. Me, not quite, I really don’t mind. I think it is more something to do with my generation. Since we did create the “myspace” pose after all 🙂 lol.

So with this post I wanted to share some of my “self-portrait” out takes.


I like this one its goofy… So in essence its me! I like making silly faces I think its fun, and guess what, not once has my face stayed like that. ( so mom you were wrong!) 🙂

Random Fact: I rarely drink, but when I do I like blue drinks. One time I went up to the bar ( I was a little tipsy at the time) and asked for blue. 🙂

Here is another shot. I don’t know what this one says about my personalitity; however, I like the shot.

Random Fact: In my 21 years I have had 4 jobs. I worked at Golden Spoon (frozen yogurt), Red Lobster (for 3 days), Picture People and currently Best Buy. At Best Buy I am a customer service rep. It’s so much fun and I work with amazing people, one of my best jobs ever! At Golden Spoon me and my best friend worked together… we applied because a cute guy was working at the time :). Red lobster 3 days…enought said. Picture People–I got to take pictures all day, pretty much amazing!

This shot almost actually made it as my “self-portrait,” but I voted against it because I thought it was a little to weird, I really like it though.

Random Fact: If you look you can see my dimple, I only have one dimple. I tell people the dimple on the left side of my face was bit off by the dog who bit me a kid. It was actually a really horrific bite, but I’m not to sure he actually “bit” my dimple off.

Well there you have it some of the out takes!

the long road Lovely Photo - Wordless or Not-So-Wordless Wednesday at Aspire


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I have a pretty simple life, but simple is perfect for me.

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  1. Those are fun – but I agree that the first one is the best…I think it’s because your hair is down?!

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