San Diego Safari Park

As I have probably mentioned quite a few times, Greg and I LOVE the zoo! It is one of our favorite places to go. Personally I am a HUGE advocate for Zoos-granted they are ethical and the what not- I truley believe they work towards the greater good for animals. Another reason I love going to the San diego Zoo is that it is a non-profit, and thus after bills are paid money goes back to the animals. Anyway, that is enought of my little zoo rant. I love them, end of story, on to the next story about our trip to the San Diego Safari Park!

zoo 114

This past Wedensday after my 8:30 class Greg and I headed down to the Safari Park–after grabing some starbucks of course- to spend the day taking picture and relaxing.

zoo 133

While the Safari Park and Zoo are both “zoos” they are very differnt. The Safari Park is vast and spread out with animals in a more natualr habitat; however, the downside is that while you can get closer to some ( lions) others (tigers, zebras, rinos…) are far away and hard to see.


I really had a great time, the only disapointment was that my photography just wasn’t on par. I guess I wasn’t feeling it, although I though my photos were coming out well, on the computer they looked somewhat fuzzy. I hope nothing is wrong with my camera–it is only 2 months old.  Hopefully it was just an off day though.
Another thing I love about the zoo is the view you can get of certian animals. Like this lion!


And even though I’m pretty sure we were not supposed to do this… look at this little dearish thing that came up and started kissing Greg!
Yet another thing I love about the Safari Park is all the walking. It means that Greg and I get to spend the day talking, without the distraction of cellphones, TV, or computers. I love any time that we can spend together, he always acts so fun and silly, it reminds me exactly why I fell in love with him :).
like this:
zoo 164

The Safari Park also has a lot of “interactions” for kids to learn with, like this little spot that let you test your jumps. I did a trust fall instead 🙂
zoo 178

I also get a chance to take some pretty cool pictures of things you don't normally see.



This is an Okapi, it is my favorite animal. Isn't it the cutest little thing!


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  1. What a great opportunity to take some cool shots. My favourites are the lion and the giraffe ones and they look so good in monochrome aswell. Wow that is some bokeh in that berry shot.

  2. I have always heard how awesome the San Diego Zoo is! Thanks for the taste, I sure hope to bring my kids there one day. We are on opposite sides of the country! That turtle shell is hilarious. I love that giraffe shot too….they are all amazing!

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