11.23 Photography Tuesdays

Well here are a bunch of shots for varous photo challenges. It feels like forever since I liked up, I am so glad I had time to play along again!

Something you are thankful for…@ Simplicity and

35 years\

One of the biggest things in my life that I am thankful for is being blessed with the parents that I have. Most of the other things I am thankful for ( my education, my transportation, my place to live…ect.) are all because of them as well. Rather than use a picture of them, I took a picture of their original wedding rings. The plain gold band is my mother’s wedding ring, and was originally my grandmother’s (also Theresa) ring. The small ring—I mean small it is about 1/4th carrot max—was her engagement ring, and the larger ring is my dads’. When they were married 35 years ago they had nothing (and I mean nothing, that ring cost 30pound and took them 8 months to save for), my mom was only 17 and my dad was 21, but they made it work. Four years later with two kids under three they to California (from Belfast, Ireland) and after many, many, many years of sacrifice and hard work created a comfortable life. Their story is really amazing, and it inspires me so much—I really should post a blog about it sometime. They work so hard for everything, they are extremely amazing, and I could go on and on but I’ll leave it at that for now. I love them, and am eternally thankful for having parents like them.

Family @ The moments inbetween
Generations of love
This is a ring that my grandmother Theresa ( yep just like me) had. I am pretty sure it was her wedding ring. I never met her, or any of my grandparents for that matter, so it is nice to have items of my grandparents as a link to the past. I know this is probably not what the challenge was going for, but I don’t have a “family” of my own yet, and my family and I never take pictures. So I used a family heirloom. ( Hope thats ok?)

Sorry for the long post to some of these photos, if you didn’t read it all I don’t blame you. I just felt like I should give these photos a little more justification.

Fall @ Trendy Treehouse
I finally have a fall photo lol
The Trendy Treehouse

Music @ Happy Mondays
The Touch
Here is my ipod, without which I would never make it through the school day :).
Ashley Jean

Touch up Tuesdays

Pale rose.

This is one I took while playing around in the backyard. The editing is done with Lightroom 3 and some preset actions. I desaturated the image with an action called “old photo 3,” then I lightened up the photo with “Mr. Brightside”, and added medium grain.  I also removed the small amount of pink in the right corner I don’t know why but I have been loving grain lately. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I guess it is just my way to kind of use texture since lightroom can’t do layers ( @ least I don’t think it can…)
Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama

Thanks for stopping by to check out my photos, hopefully I will see you back for wordless Wednesday!


About Theresa Bridget

I have a pretty simple life, but simple is perfect for me.

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  1. Your photos are so simple but still very good. I enjoy looking at them :]

  2. Great shots,love the rose edit and what a sweet-sweet story about the rings.

  3. Such lovely photos. I really enjoyed the story about your parents. They sound like lovely people and great examples.


  4. It sounds like your parents are wonderful. Thank you for visiting us over at communal global. We always love new participants.

  5. Sounds like you have a lot to be thankful for and your parents sound great. Love your photos.

  6. Lovely post – beautiful reflection.

  7. Love the fall photo! I can never get enough of those colours.

  8. I love the leaf picture. It looks so crisp.

  9. These are wonderful shots and even better stories to go with them!

    And your flower edit is beautiful!!

  10. that leaf is beautiful! and the rings in a line, great shot!

  11. I love the rings. I’m sure that the size of the stone in the ring was not important. It was the sentiment. I sometime wonder these days when everyone is trying to outdo each other for the size of the rock. It was the meaning of the ring.
    Your rose was lovely.

  12. I don’t mind grain at all, especially if other parts of the image are clear . I like it in your rose image….it looks wonderful!

  13. So many beautiful shots! Really love the one of the leaf.

    Erika B

  14. Beautiful post…love the rose edit!

  15. So many great photos. Like most commenters, love the rose edit. Cool perspective of the ring shot. And I don’t know what it is about this fall but I can’t get enough leaf shots this year.

  16. Great pictures and a beautiful tribute to your parents!

  17. Very creative family picture. I love it! I just lost my grandpa back in June, it is nice to have something that does link you to the past. 🙂

  18. I love the ring pictures! It’s cool that you have your grandmother/namesake’s ring.

    Mine is here. http://razzamadazzle.wordpress.com/2010/11/25/i-ate-this/

  19. Beautiful!! 🙂 LOVE the story behind your photo

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