Scavenger Hunt Sunday 11.27

This has been a light week for photography. I had the week off school so initially I though snapping this week would be a breeze; however, black friday had plans of its own. I worked a lot this week so I was really to tried to pick up my camera most days. I did manage to get some shots, so without further ramblings here I go….

1. Black and White

2.  I ate this…
thanksgivin 051
Some mini cupcakes I made. They were really yummy! I tried taking pictures of them a few other ways, but they weren’t “right” so I stacked them lol 🙂

3. Historic
Parents Ring 082

My parents wedding rings, are historic to my existence :)
4. Off Center

5.  The end
photography 043
Here is the end of a long day for my little boy! See that little eye peeking at me… so adorable!

If you have time check out this post… it is about a blog hop I am thinking about starting–and yet photography would have some part in it!

well that’s all folks check out more over at Ashley’s blog


Hope everyone is having a nice Sunday…


About Theresa Bridget

I have a pretty simple life, but simple is perfect for me.

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  1. yum cupcakes!! I love that off centre rose and I think I’m going to have to go out and by myself a puppy now, lol

  2. Really loved them all this week. I enjoy that you play with your food for the right photo, haha!

  3. All your photos are wonderful this week, I love that sleepy puppy and the black and white spider.

  4. Your “Historic” is GORGEOUS… the subject and the composition as much as the processing of the photo itself. 🙂

  5. Fun photos. All of them. The End is my favorite shot. And Historic too.

  6. Oh how sweet is that puppy!!!!

    I have a $45 giveaway on my main blog if you are interested. Trying to share the love with all my photo-buddies!

  7. I love your historic shot!! And what an adorable puppy!

  8. Wonderful shots, love the end and historic shots.

  9. Nice photos. I like the historic shot and the last shot of your pup. Too cute!

  10. Great work! I love your I ate this shot…makes me hungry!

  11. great photos! i love your i ate this photo.

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