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Scaveger Hunt Sunday 12.26

Well Christmas is officially over–for this year at least. I know I had a great one, and I really hope everyone out there did too! I’ll post more about Christmas a little later this week because now it is time for scavenger hunt sunday! Yep my favorite blog hop/photo challenge of the week.  I have been pretty busy this week as well–just like I’m sure most of you were–so I didn’t have time to capture every item and I really didn’t have time to do much editing either.

1. Family

Here is my lovely family–well actually just my parents, me and nieces… I do have 1 more brother, 1 more sister, 4 more nephews, 3 more nieces and Greg ( he took the picture)
Christmas2010 193edit
And here is an extra… My dashing Papa after church, isn’t he hansom!
Christmas2010 092

2. motion blur= Fail 😦

3. Pretty Package
Christmas2010 022

4. Glow
The “glow” of the lights behind her count right?
This was one of my favorite presents: an Ariel statue ( Yes I am 21–almost 22–but I still LOVE Ariel!)
Christmas2010 325

5. Sparkle
I was so tempted to use Edward again; however, I decided to spare you the overkill. So Here is some sparkle in the foil.

Well that is it for this week! Can't wait to check out your photos!


I’m back…

Yep finally, the semester is done, and I could not be happier.
All of the grades are not in yet, but so far I have 4 A’s with one grade still out! 🙂
One of those A’s was in anatomy which makes me super happy, and gives me that extra boost of motivation to keep working hard to get into grad school.
This semester went pretty well. Aside from some harder times, messy group projects, I ended up learning a lot more than I expected. I also learned that even though Health Science is an interesting major, I know that career path is not for me, and a masters program is the way my life needs to go. I don’t think I could design programs for a living ( which was what a majority of my classes are about) it is a lot of work, and we only did ‘mock’ versions, I really admire people who really do this for a living.

Anyway I know I have been a pretty splotchy blogger lately, but I will be back. Lots to post about, lots of pictures, and lots more!

So I just wanted to say hi since I haven’t been around for a while.

-Theresa 🙂

Oh, and I didn’t get to play my favorite weekly game over at Ashley’s blog. I was really looking forward to one of the items : remember when… so I’ll share this:

I remember when I went to Vegas for the first time…

and wanted to jump in the fountian lol 🙂


Ahhhh, only 2 more years until 12.12.12. 🙂 sorry couldn’t resist.

Hope everyone had a nice week, mine was pretty stressful, and next week is finals week so I assume it will be the same. Right now I am taking a little break watching twilight, drinking coffee, and playing with some photos. Today I had my first photo session  in a while, a little boy he is addorable and I can’t wait to share the photos. I also have another shoot on Monday, I am extatic to get my photography site off the ground again. I love shooting random items like flowers, landscapes and what not ; however, I love portait sessions, capturing special moments and smiles is an amazing feeling.

Well I think that is enought for my little rant on to the photos!

1. Holiday Colors
Christmas Colors
What is more Holiday than the colors on a Christmas Tree :). I love bokeh trees, so expect to see another variation next week maybe too!

2. Winter/Holiday Icon
Christmas Blend
Yum, Starbucks!!!!!!  You know it is the holidays when you see those red cups!

3. A tree
Christmas Tree

Our little gliter mesh tree

4. Quite
Sun Set

To me sunsets are peaceful, peace is quite, thus quite.

5. Favorite color

This is one of the shots from todays shoot, and blue is my favorite color!

Well thats all for this week! Stop by later this week for more shots of the little guy. Oh, and 13 days until Christmas, YAY!

Oh, what a week

So I missed blogging almost completely last week, and I really don’t want my blog to turn into a once weekly photo dump. Which is why I’m taking a few minutes between classes to write this, so it can post tomorrow. Today has been a pretty eventful day, I had two presentations. The first was for a health program design class, my group and I developed a program to combat eating disorders in college athletes ( yeah, surprisingly there is a need!) Anyway even though we didn’t practice it went off really, really well, I’m hopeful for our grade. ( I am so thankful this is done, it has been a real test of my patients) I just want to say, group projects suck, and groups suck even more.The second is in about two hours (7pm) and is on alcohol in the workplace ( another program design class, this one is centered on worksite health). Anyway that has pretty much been my week. Update: the worksite presentation did not go off so well, my part did at least, and the most important part is that it is over!

So if you follow along with my Sunday post you may have heard, I received an early Christmas/Birthday gift from my parents a new lens. Sadly as excited I am to have it, it has been sitting in its pretty little bag. Finals, presentations, and the madness of working retail during the holidays has kept me from my new baby. Don’t fret more pictures should come soon :).

But for now, here are some from the day I got it:
macro 026
macro 048

I just need to work on focus distance, and figuring out some more things.
macro 035

Well I have to get back to work, thanks for stopping by!

Oh, and P.S. Have you heard the Bruno Mars song Just the way you are–Amazing!

Ok, I wrote this Tuesday… it’s Friday night–I have been horribly busy.

This week has turned out to be a stressful mess. The final group paper  (on eating disorders) turned out to be a stressful head ache like pulling teeth! The only thing that is keeping me sane is the though of winter break and all the photography that is in store!

P.S. Tomorrow I have my first photoshoot in a while, can’t wait to share the photos with you!


Well its Sunday and that means another instalment of Scavenger Hunt Sunday! I have been absent from blogging this past week, but I made sure to get shots this week so I could participate in the Sunday Hunt.

1. In the home
Baby's First Christmas 88'
In my home there are lots of decorations, but this one is my favorite. It says “Baby’s First Christmas 1988,” and it was giving to my mom for me…. I was due December 25th, 1988–yeah Christmas baby–but even before I was born I knew I would hate being a Christmas baby and made my mom hold out until Jaunary 5th 🙂

2. It’s beginning to look alot like…
It's begining to look a lot like... FINALS!
…Finals every where you got… :/ Yep finals time

Originally (I’m sure like most of you) I thought Christmas right away, so I wanted to be a but different…. I couldn’t resist snapping a Christmas shot though…

fall 064
I love taking bokeh shots of the tree, so pretty!

3. Sweet treat
SOOC Disney Castle
Ok, well this isn’t really a food treat, but on Friday Greg planned a SWEET little date that was a real TREAT 🙂 We went out to dinner and then went to disneyland to watch the fire works ( AMAZING SHOW).

4. Time
macro 065

Ok, so this week I forgot about "time" and rather than go to my photo folders I picked up my camera and captured the time on my laptop.
5. Everyday
Disneyland Christmas 090

Fireworks are an everyday thing when you live 5 minutes from disneyland, every night at 9:25 (8:45 recently) on the dot the show starts and you can hear and see them from my street. If your wondering this shot was taken from Disneyland, not my street.

Well there you have it my shots for the week! Check out more shots over at:

Oh… and P.S. I got an early Christmas/Birthday present… a Canon 100mm L lens :)!!! Yep a macro lens !!!! So I am trying to figure out how to do next weeks list all Macro

Here is my first shot with my new lens


Look at that clarity, I think I am in love...

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