Well its Sunday and that means another instalment of Scavenger Hunt Sunday! I have been absent from blogging this past week, but I made sure to get shots this week so I could participate in the Sunday Hunt.

1. In the home
Baby's First Christmas 88'
In my home there are lots of decorations, but this one is my favorite. It says “Baby’s First Christmas 1988,” and it was giving to my mom for me…. I was due December 25th, 1988–yeah Christmas baby–but even before I was born I knew I would hate being a Christmas baby and made my mom hold out until Jaunary 5th 🙂

2. It’s beginning to look alot like…
It's begining to look a lot like... FINALS!
…Finals every where you got… :/ Yep finals time

Originally (I’m sure like most of you) I thought Christmas right away, so I wanted to be a but different…. I couldn’t resist snapping a Christmas shot though…

fall 064
I love taking bokeh shots of the tree, so pretty!

3. Sweet treat
SOOC Disney Castle
Ok, well this isn’t really a food treat, but on Friday Greg planned a SWEET little date that was a real TREAT 🙂 We went out to dinner and then went to disneyland to watch the fire works ( AMAZING SHOW).

4. Time
macro 065

Ok, so this week I forgot about "time" and rather than go to my photo folders I picked up my camera and captured the time on my laptop.
5. Everyday
Disneyland Christmas 090

Fireworks are an everyday thing when you live 5 minutes from disneyland, every night at 9:25 (8:45 recently) on the dot the show starts and you can hear and see them from my street. If your wondering this shot was taken from Disneyland, not my street.

Well there you have it my shots for the week! Check out more shots over at:

Oh… and P.S. I got an early Christmas/Birthday present… a Canon 100mm L lens :)!!! Yep a macro lens !!!! So I am trying to figure out how to do next weeks list all Macro

Here is my first shot with my new lens


Look at that clarity, I think I am in love...


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  1. I know the feeling of finals! My hubs is going to be hitting those pretty hard soon. When I read “It’s beginning to look a lot like…” and saw the Starbucks cup, I instantly thought, “STARBUCKS RED CUPS!” Then I saw the computer, the caffeine jolt…and finals made so much sense! Great shots.

    (Loved your bokeh too!)

  2. Wow the Disneyland:) It is amazing, that would be great to see.

  3. great shots. love bokeh too.

  4. Never realised that you lived sooooooo close to Disney that you can see the fireworks. That disney palace just looks amazing with all the lights. I think I am going to have fun with bokehs on christmas trees aswell this year – yours is great and as for that great macro…… wonderful.

  5. I love the bokeh/lights on the tree!

    Wow, you got a macro lens! Awesome. 🙂

  6. absolutely love those shots and congratulations on your new lens, I have that lens, it’s great.

  7. Great bokeh and congrats on the macro lens!! Wahoo!

  8. That’s a great shot of fireworks. Congrats on the new Canon. The macro shot you took with it looks marvelous.

  9. Your scavenger hunt photos are wonderful but I really love the first shot from your new lens – WOW!

  10. Great shots. I love them all. The Disneyland photos are so pretty. I think sharing your birthday with Christmas would be hard. Good for you making your mom wait.

    Jealous of that macro lens. Can’t wait to see next weeks macro shots.

  11. These are all fantastic shots. I LOVE the disneyland castle shot. Just beautiful. And congrats on the new lens – looks like you’re doing great with it.

    I have to say, though, your first shot (well, the story behind it) makes me feel very old! I graduated high school in 1988! 🙂

  12. I love your sweet treat shot and your bokeh shots! Great photos.

  13. Awesome pictures. How fun to live so close to Disney and be able to see the fireworks! I love the pic with the new lens, can’t wait to see all your pics with it next week!

  14. Hi! (: I have recently started a new feature on my blog where I find a photo I really like and display it on my sidebar as my photo of the week! I absolutely love your sweet treat picture so I’m wondering if I could display it on my blog for next week’s picture? Of course you’d get full credit and I’d post a link to your blog. Leave a comment on one of my posts if you’re interested! Thanks!

  15. nice shot, what new lens did you get? nice tree bokeh!

  16. Good luck on finals!!!
    and getting to see fireworks – particularly as good as Disney’s are – every night. how cool. I would love it. One of my dogs would not though… July is always a hard month for him.

  17. Great shots!! How neat you live so close to Fireworks every night!

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