Ahhhh, only 2 more years until 12.12.12. 🙂 sorry couldn’t resist.

Hope everyone had a nice week, mine was pretty stressful, and next week is finals week so I assume it will be the same. Right now I am taking a little break watching twilight, drinking coffee, and playing with some photos. Today I had my first photo session  in a while, a little boy he is addorable and I can’t wait to share the photos. I also have another shoot on Monday, I am extatic to get my photography site off the ground again. I love shooting random items like flowers, landscapes and what not ; however, I love portait sessions, capturing special moments and smiles is an amazing feeling.

Well I think that is enought for my little rant on to the photos!

1. Holiday Colors
Christmas Colors
What is more Holiday than the colors on a Christmas Tree :). I love bokeh trees, so expect to see another variation next week maybe too!

2. Winter/Holiday Icon
Christmas Blend
Yum, Starbucks!!!!!!  You know it is the holidays when you see those red cups!

3. A tree
Christmas Tree

Our little gliter mesh tree

4. Quite
Sun Set

To me sunsets are peaceful, peace is quite, thus quite.

5. Favorite color

This is one of the shots from todays shoot, and blue is my favorite color!

Well thats all for this week! Stop by later this week for more shots of the little guy. Oh, and 13 days until Christmas, YAY!


About Theresa Bridget

I have a pretty simple life, but simple is perfect for me.

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  1. Great images – I really like your mesh tree, and blue is my fave too.

  2. Love your tree and quiet shots!

  3. Your shots are lovely especially that sunset one. That little boy in your shot is just adorable with his beautiful big brown eyes. Blue is my favourite aswell.

  4. Love your mesh tree and the little guy is so sweet!

  5. All these shots look wonderful. But my favorite shot is your quite shot. What a perfect shot it is. I love it!

  6. LOL. The Starbuck’s logo is my favourite everyday icon. Your quiet shot is stunning. Also, nice job on your site background.

  7. Great holiday colors!

  8. I think you’ve done a great job this week – I love you bokeh, your Christmas blend and that last shot is so sweet!

  9. Love your sunset shot. So pretty! (:

  10. These are all great. I love your holiday colors and your tree shots!

  11. Your quiet shot is gorgeous!

  12. I just LOVE the bokeh in your pictures!! Great entries. =)

  13. Great photos. I love the last two. Wonderful job!

  14. Love the tree bokeh! Thanks for linking up!

  15. Congrats on TWO photo shoots! That’s exciting!!! 🙂 I love all your Christmas shots, but that rollercoaster shot is phenomenal!!!!

    Oh, and your “break” sounds like absolute bliss! 🙂

  16. I was delighted with 12.11.10 the day before! he he! I am weird that way! =) Love your icon!! YEP… Starbucks at Christmas is like Charlie Brown at Christmas… its a must… love the red cups and I am currently drinking the Christmas blend right now… (though we have a local coffee roaster that I LOVE… I won’t lie!!) ahem…
    love your blue eyes pick!

  17. what great photos love all the bokeh! (ps I cant wait until 11.11.11 thats my bday and I am GOING ALL OUT FOR SURE!!!)

  18. Holy wow! You have a great eye! All these are simply lovely! No, really! They are all great! Happy Tuesday!

  19. Fantastic photos!! I love the sunset photos and the tree is too cute!

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