Scaveger Hunt Sunday 12.26

Well Christmas is officially over–for this year at least. I know I had a great one, and I really hope everyone out there did too! I’ll post more about Christmas a little later this week because now it is time for scavenger hunt sunday! Yep my favorite blog hop/photo challenge of the week.  I have been pretty busy this week as well–just like I’m sure most of you were–so I didn’t have time to capture every item and I really didn’t have time to do much editing either.

1. Family

Here is my lovely family–well actually just my parents, me and nieces… I do have 1 more brother, 1 more sister, 4 more nephews, 3 more nieces and Greg ( he took the picture)
Christmas2010 193edit
And here is an extra… My dashing Papa after church, isn’t he hansom!
Christmas2010 092

2. motion blur= Fail 😦

3. Pretty Package
Christmas2010 022

4. Glow
The “glow” of the lights behind her count right?
This was one of my favorite presents: an Ariel statue ( Yes I am 21–almost 22–but I still LOVE Ariel!)
Christmas2010 325

5. Sparkle
I was so tempted to use Edward again; however, I decided to spare you the overkill. So Here is some sparkle in the foil.

Well that is it for this week! Can't wait to check out your photos!


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I have a pretty simple life, but simple is perfect for me.

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  1. Lovely shots especially of your family. Ariel looks lovely with that bokeh in the background.

  2. What a great idea for your sparkle shot! And you are never TOO old for Ariel (IMO) 😉

  3. These are really great – I especially love your family shot. What a great family you have!

  4. I love the bokeh in your glow picture. Your Glow picture is beautiful (and yummy, too)!

  5. Never apologize for loving Ariel. She’s still pretty popular at our house after all these years.

  6. I like the sparkle shot!

  7. I like your sparkle shot best, I like the composition!

  8. oh my. very handsome dad. I loved all your shots. especially the hersey hug. wait, maybe I’m just craving chocolate. no, I loved the shot.

  9. Handsome indeed! I think Ariel is sitting there trying to get your dads attention 🙂 Ha! Seriously, lovely job on each picture 😀

  10. Love the glow shot! and that Ariel is SO sweet… precious moments Ariel?? 😉

  11. I was born and bred there too – all my family are there aswell. They’ve hardly any water there just now as there were so many burst pipes with the freeze.

  12. Oh my gosh! I love them all but Spring fever is amazing!! Bgreat photos.

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