Happy Birthday–To Me!

Well there are officially only 359 days until my 23rd Birthday! To be honest, I kind of want to stop getting older. Can my vegetarian vampire come and bite me already? 🙂 ( When I read that back to Greg, he put his hands over his face and shook his head–but I mean come on… it can happen right?)

Every year I get to ring in the New Year, with a birthday a few days after, and this year—my 22nd birthday—was really one to remember! I had a three-day birthday celebration this year: one with Greg and my family, one with Greg’s family, and then one with my friends. I loved the prolong celebration—I got to feel extra special!

Brithday #1 January 5th

These are shots from birthday celebration number one. I got to wear my cute new dress and boots–which made me happy! The day started off a little later than we wanted so rather than breakfast at our favorite bagel place, we went to lunch at Chilis. Then Greg and I went mini golfing–I tottally won!  That is my whole in one…and also my ball in the water :). After mini-golf it was time to spend a few hours at Disneyland where Greg bougth me those cute little pins. I don’t really collect pins, but those pins were pretty much  made for Greg and I. I love mickey bars, and he loves mickey popcorn. After Disneyland we went home for dinner, cake and movies. Birthday number one was an awesome day!

Birthday #2 January 6th

These are pictures from my birthday celebration with Greg’s family. His mom made a yummmy dinner and that AMAZING Ariel Birthday cake was made by my friend Alexandra–She is starting her own little business you can check her website out here). The cake was just as yummy as it looked! I also got some pretty awesome gifts: like that 50mm lens from Greg’s parents, it hasn’t left my camera yet!

Birthday # 3 January 7th-8th

Here are tons of pictures from the celebration I had with my friends.

The night started at Cheesecake Factory–where I tried the red velvet cheesecake(AMAZING!).  Moved to Heroes  –a bar in Fullerton– and then ended with two spontaneous games of bowling.


These pictures are some of my high school friends. Michelle,James,Michelle on the left. Greg, Me, and Daisy on the right. I love, love, love that even though we are almost 4 years out of high school, we all still hang out.


My high school friends again!

Right after that first picture of Michelle and I hugging a random guy--also celebrating his brithday-- came up and told us he was going to die at 27--because he was left handed. I then asked for the drink he was drinking :) kidding. He was trashed, but funny, and I got a high-five out of it.

Here are some pictures of my work friends. I love the people I work with!!!

The two girls (Lauryn and Karissa) work with me at customer service and they are amazing. Even better is the fact that Lauryn acts just like me when I'm buzzed (so it's like double the fun).

Oh and P.S. Doesn’t my friend Brad–the guy at the end of the last photo–look like Zachary Quinto (Syler from heroes).

It was a really awesome night, with funny stories that I'm sure will follow me. I also got to try some really good new drinks. I was trying to drink the rainbow. Which is when you have a drink in every color of the rainbow; however, I am not a huge drinker so I didn't finish :(.


Red: Washington apple

Yellow: Malibu and pineapple

Green: Unknown--but it was sooooooooo good. Let me just say, Green is the new blue. (story behind that , is that when I was "happy" in vegas rather than ask for drinks, I asked for blue).

Orange: Cactus cooler shot (only had a sip)

Purple: LA water (yummmy!)

Blue: Adios (Again only a sip)

Please don't judge--I normally don't drink a lot!

Here are some shots of me and my bestfriend. I love her more than anything. I tend to kiss her cheek alot when I’m buzzed.  Oh, and that empty drink is in our photo mash-up because I posted it to facebook as “Daisy”.

Just to let you know she is amazing, smart and the best freind ever.


The last little mash-up of the night. In the second shot I was trying to drink it fast--I was being accused of nursing my drinks :). The rest of the shots are pretty self explanatory. Bowling buzzed makes anything funny. When I drink I make funny faces...lol

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed looking through my little birthday post.

Oh and the Green drink tasted kind of like apple--any idea what it is???


About Theresa Bridget

I have a pretty simple life, but simple is perfect for me.

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  1. Oh, wow! Looks like you had so much fun!

    Happy birthday!! =)

  2. Happy Birthday!! Looks like a fantastic celebration!

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