101 in 1001: Hike in Big Bear

For quite some time Greg and I have been talking about going up to big bear during the spring, because it is supposed to be beautiful. Well 4 and a half years later we decided to go haha 🙂

It was a really fun day trip–yes day trip–one of the amazing benefits of living in Southern California is the closeness of what ever location you like… From beaches, to deserts, and mountains, its pretty amazing! It was also a relatively cheap trip, pretty much the only thing that cost us was gas, since they have a few free hiking trails.

The ride up to big bear wasn’t too bad, I get very antsy driving up the mountain though so we had to stop quite a few times; however, that lead to capturing some pretty pictures on the way up the mountain, so it was a win, win.

The View

The mountian tops
Theses were taken on the way up the mountain, I have about 50 more, since we stopped at least 10 times, but these were some of my favorites.

We also spent some time at big bear lake, which is super pretty.
The Lake
When we go back next spring we are going to actually kyack 🙂

Here we are during one of our hikes 🙂
For the blog

This is the climb up, it was only about a mile hike and this was the steepest part:

I actually got a huge bruise during this hike. When we were walking up the mountain there was this log that Greg climbed over, so in turn I had to climb over; however, when I stepped the ground wasn’t compacted and my leg wedged between the log and snow, the whole was about 2 feet deep, and I freaked out. It was really funny afterward through.

Here we are again after finishing a small walk around the town
For the blog


Here is that pretty stream we are posing in front of:
Follow the Streem

As the day was winding down we went to watch sunset from the opposite side of the lake, and while we were waiting Greg decided to skip stones, and I was able to capture the awesome splash!
It was so much fun, and now I am kind of addicted to shooting water!

The lighting was absolutely amazing as the sun was setting!
Reflection on the lake

But no where near as amazing as the sun set itself!
End Day

The whole day was spent walking around talking and taking pictures. It was great to get away from everything and spend some quality time together. It is something we are trying to do more often, even though we have been together so long we don’t want that spark to leave. I can not wait to go back this summer we are going to do the holcomb trail too, which should be fun!

Oh, see that “Theresa Bridget Photography” Yep its my buisness, so check it out: Theresabridgetphotography.com


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  1. Great shots of the Big Bear mountain! We just went there to snowboard 2 months ago, I didn’t realize the many other things you can do there even after winter.

  2. Your photos looks like a dream! I love the effect

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