101 in 1001: Santa Monica Pier

So I know this post should be a long time coming, but Greg and I visited the Santa Monica pier quite some time ago. I almost was just going to forget it and not blog about it until I realized I had it on my 101 list.

The Santa Monica pier was not everything I was expecting, but that was mostly because I didn’t feel like spending $10 to ride a ferris wheel.  It was a fun day with Greg.

Greg at the small aquarium they have in Santa Monica.

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Here is the famous Santa Monica Pier.

Santa Monica 080

The $10 ferris wheel

Palos Verdes

The day ended with watching sunset at a popular bluff in Palos Verdes. It was a fun trip home we took PCH all the way home and the scenic route was so pretty!!!

This year Greg and I have promised each other that we would spend more time with each other, and I couldn’t be happier because our relationship has never been better. So far we have visited: The Santa Monica Pier, Sea World, The Getty, Disneyland, Mini golfing, and every friday night we hang out with these amazing people :). It really has been an amazing year for our relationship. Which is comforting since almost every thing has been going wrong lately, but that’s another post…

So do you have any ideas for future dates, I would love to hear them?


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