Street Art

This semester Art 101 is my favorite class. Shocker I know, if you would have told me that at the beginning of the semester I wouldn’t have believed you. However, this class is just so interesting, especially now as we move towards more modern forms of art. This class has opened up my mind to art, I even visited an art museum!

Adding to the “coolness” of my art class is a video we watched: Exit through the gift shop a few weeks back. It featured street art and I really developed a respect towards the craft, even if most think it is vandalism.


***I have been getting some nasty comments and emails about this post, saying that this is so-and-s0, no this blah-blah. Or ‘Your an idiot this isn’t space invader’ Anyways. Since every email says that this is a different person( 8-bit, mario, j-boy). Who ever it is, the point is that street art is everywhere once you are aware of it***

I found street art in La Jolla 🙂

Ok that was my little tangent, have a nice night. Take an art 101 class 🙂


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I have a pretty simple life, but simple is perfect for me.

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  2. not space invader. i know of this guy. just call him 8-bit

  3. U oviously dont kno space invaders work, this was done by a local artist who goes by mario, yes he also does mosaics but there all mario based

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