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I’m Back–back again :)

I’m back in the scavenger hunt game! I have been meaning to participate for the past 5 months now–wow has it really been that long–but I have been so busy these that by the time it was Sunday I had 0 photos. 😦

It is funny how life can get the better of you some times. The busyness was well welcomed though, because while this isn’t my first scavenger hunt, it is my first scavenger hunt as a college graduate :)!!!! Yep last  Saturday I graduated from CSUF 🙂

My last semester was pretty hectic along with 18 units, I also was working, began volunteering at two hospitals, and started my own photography business–you know, because life wasn’t busy enough I guess lol 🙂

Anyway enough catching up, on to what you are really here for… PHOTOGRAPHY!!!

1. Classic still life….

Ok, I am cheating a little with this one :/ I didn’t have any fruit… and pretty much that was all I could think of for classic still-life, but at least the yard decoration is still, still-life right??? 🙂

2. On the Ground

I love the shadows of the fence on the ground!

3. Self

I think I am photoed out… I tried to take a few self-portraits, but hated them, so this is me “giving-up”.

4. Lines

Memorial weekend= Strawberry festival

5. Fresh

To me the color white is fresh. It’s clean, crisp, just like this.

Check out more awesome photos here

Oh, P.S. If you could, prayer and positive thoughts would be most appreciated. I have an interview next Friday with an autism organization :). It is an internship to give me some experience before graduate school. The organization is awesome, and I would love the chance to work with them! 🙂


One step closer to the real world

I did it, I am now a college graduate! 🙂

As I write this post, I am no longer a CSUF undergraduate, rather a CSUF alumni.

Well, kind of sorta. I still have one last class to  complete before I receive my diploma, it is an internship class and I am taking it in the fall. But I am done with all of my classes. Despite the fact that I am going back to CSUF next semester, to finish up my internship and one graduate school pre-req, I am incomprehensively excited. All 120+ units needed to graduate have been complete, all scantrons have been bubbled, all papers turned in. For me there is no more undergraduate work left to do, and it is an unreal feeling.

Today I earned my bachelors of science in health science. I am now part of the 27% of Americans that have at least at bachelors or higher, and now it is time to focus on becoming part of the 9.2% of the population with a graduate degree.

This day was made even more momentous since I am actually the first in my immediate family to receive a bachelors degree and will be the first in my entire family–at least to my knowledge–to earn my graduate degree and eventually doctorate.

4 years ago when I started CSUF, I hated it, I saw it as a 4 year trap; however, now looking back, I am so happy with my choice to attend. I loved my health science education and I would not have traded it for the world, now.  I guess all it took was finding my niche.  I found that there is so much more to education than the basic science, math, english, and history–not that those subjects are bad at all; however, they are not for everyone.

Today as I walked across the stage to receive my “diploma*” I felt such a sense of pride, and connection with CSUF. I am now a proud titan grad. I now have my bachelors degree 🙂 I really can not wait to see what life has in store.

So it is on to the next adventure in my life, this summer I will be studying for the G.R.E and preparing my graduate school applications.
This is such an exciting time; I really can’t begin to explain. My only hope is that I do make it into a graduate program, I mean… someone has to accept me… right???? And just to better my chances I am applying to about 5 graduate schools… 🙂






& I am thinking about two more colleges, you know, better safe than sorry….

Well here is to the future.

Oh, for those wondering, “In line for the real world,” will still be my blog title for a while, since I am staying in the world of academia and out of the real world for a while at least.

Here are some of my senior portraits: That Greg took 🙂


Visit to The Getty

Unknowingly I recently killed two birds with one stone–figuratively, I’m no bird killer. For our last Art 101 assignment we were to visit a reputable museum and write an entry on it, so Greg and I decided to go to The Getty, and in reviewing and updating my 101 list, I saw that The Getty was on there! Awesome! -Winning!- haha


The Getty is an amazing piece of art in itself and I highly recommend visiting if you get a chance. The layout is like a tribute to natural light, honestly it was amazing I am so happy we went on a sunny day. Seriously so amazingly pretty!

The museum sits up on a large hill that overlooks Los Angeles, and it is so amazing. The day was so clear very little smog at all.

I don’t have very many pictures from inside the museum because even though I had my 50mm F/1.8–meaning I could take pictures without flash– I was too afraid to snap away, in a way I felt like I was stealing someone elses art.

I was inspired by the artwork, which caused me to create a lot of my own .

Once back into the museum I got a bit more of a backbone and began to shoot some. These statues, I believe they are called the 3 goddess were some of my favorite. Well pretty much all of the marble sculptures were. I love how the artist was able to take rock and make it flow like cloth.

I mean look at that detail. It is so intricate yet so small. I love it. Honestly breathtaking. Sculpture=amazing.

The glass work was pretty interesting too.

The Getty allowed me to soak in other forms of art, it inspired me as well as left me in awe. I never considered myself an art person and have never claimed to like the form however it is growing on me.

The museum showcased a lot of paintings  all amazing in their own right and they all displayed amazing light tones.

There was also a photography gallery, I was not impressed. It was not my style, not my taste and in all honesty I have taken much better.

I also did not like that they had so much furniture on display–maybe it’s me, but I just didn’t get it.

Here is The Getty from the side.

On our way out around 3pm our handy-dandy GPS took us down this weird street, which lo and behold had a cemetery!!!

I have been dying–pun here–to shoot some b&w cemetary images. I have been so busy that I have not had a chance to edit any, but here are some SOOC shot in monochrome.

Well that was my day.

I really had an amazing time at The Getty and I highly encourage you to go if you get a chace. Open up your eyes to a new perspective.

Wahoo’s Fish Tacos 5k

I am excited to announce that one more item on my 101 list
has been completed! This past Sunday I ran in my first 5k sponsored by Wahoo’s
as part of the OC marathon series. It was such an exciting feeling, being at
the starting line, running, and most importantly crossing that finish line! I
know a 5k is only 3 miles but it was a great feeling finishing a race, even if
it wasn’t the ideal time. In my defense I ran maybe once the month before the
race. With that said 35 minute and 34 second finish time isn’t all that bad.

Overall it was a fun experience. I was able to meet my goal of running most of the way, only stopping a bit on the uphill part, which ended up being very hard on my knee. I am excited to get back into running; I have always found it fun and about two years ago I was at 8:30 mile, so I hope to get back to that soon. I am so happy to have done this, because it has really motivated me to get back into shape and keep running. I was athletic all through out high school (even athlete of the year for my senior class!) and I would love to get back to that and keep it that way this time.

I can’wait for my next 5k August 7th and my first ½ marathon October 9th.
Even better is that Greg is running both with me! Check back for updates on our

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