Visit to The Getty

Unknowingly I recently killed two birds with one stone–figuratively, I’m no bird killer. For our last Art 101 assignment we were to visit a reputable museum and write an entry on it, so Greg and I decided to go to The Getty, and in reviewing and updating my 101 list, I saw that The Getty was on there! Awesome! -Winning!- haha


The Getty is an amazing piece of art in itself and I highly recommend visiting if you get a chance. The layout is like a tribute to natural light, honestly it was amazing I am so happy we went on a sunny day. Seriously so amazingly pretty!

The museum sits up on a large hill that overlooks Los Angeles, and it is so amazing. The day was so clear very little smog at all.

I don’t have very many pictures from inside the museum because even though I had my 50mm F/1.8–meaning I could take pictures without flash– I was too afraid to snap away, in a way I felt like I was stealing someone elses art.

I was inspired by the artwork, which caused me to create a lot of my own .

Once back into the museum I got a bit more of a backbone and began to shoot some. These statues, I believe they are called the 3 goddess were some of my favorite. Well pretty much all of the marble sculptures were. I love how the artist was able to take rock and make it flow like cloth.

I mean look at that detail. It is so intricate yet so small. I love it. Honestly breathtaking. Sculpture=amazing.

The glass work was pretty interesting too.

The Getty allowed me to soak in other forms of art, it inspired me as well as left me in awe. I never considered myself an art person and have never claimed to like the form however it is growing on me.

The museum showcased a lot of paintings  all amazing in their own right and they all displayed amazing light tones.

There was also a photography gallery, I was not impressed. It was not my style, not my taste and in all honesty I have taken much better.

I also did not like that they had so much furniture on display–maybe it’s me, but I just didn’t get it.

Here is The Getty from the side.

On our way out around 3pm our handy-dandy GPS took us down this weird street, which lo and behold had a cemetery!!!

I have been dying–pun here–to shoot some b&w cemetary images. I have been so busy that I have not had a chance to edit any, but here are some SOOC shot in monochrome.

Well that was my day.

I really had an amazing time at The Getty and I highly encourage you to go if you get a chace. Open up your eyes to a new perspective.


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