One step closer to the real world

I did it, I am now a college graduate! 🙂

As I write this post, I am no longer a CSUF undergraduate, rather a CSUF alumni.

Well, kind of sorta. I still have one last class to  complete before I receive my diploma, it is an internship class and I am taking it in the fall. But I am done with all of my classes. Despite the fact that I am going back to CSUF next semester, to finish up my internship and one graduate school pre-req, I am incomprehensively excited. All 120+ units needed to graduate have been complete, all scantrons have been bubbled, all papers turned in. For me there is no more undergraduate work left to do, and it is an unreal feeling.

Today I earned my bachelors of science in health science. I am now part of the 27% of Americans that have at least at bachelors or higher, and now it is time to focus on becoming part of the 9.2% of the population with a graduate degree.

This day was made even more momentous since I am actually the first in my immediate family to receive a bachelors degree and will be the first in my entire family–at least to my knowledge–to earn my graduate degree and eventually doctorate.

4 years ago when I started CSUF, I hated it, I saw it as a 4 year trap; however, now looking back, I am so happy with my choice to attend. I loved my health science education and I would not have traded it for the world, now.  I guess all it took was finding my niche.  I found that there is so much more to education than the basic science, math, english, and history–not that those subjects are bad at all; however, they are not for everyone.

Today as I walked across the stage to receive my “diploma*” I felt such a sense of pride, and connection with CSUF. I am now a proud titan grad. I now have my bachelors degree 🙂 I really can not wait to see what life has in store.

So it is on to the next adventure in my life, this summer I will be studying for the G.R.E and preparing my graduate school applications.
This is such an exciting time; I really can’t begin to explain. My only hope is that I do make it into a graduate program, I mean… someone has to accept me… right???? And just to better my chances I am applying to about 5 graduate schools… 🙂






& I am thinking about two more colleges, you know, better safe than sorry….

Well here is to the future.

Oh, for those wondering, “In line for the real world,” will still be my blog title for a while, since I am staying in the world of academia and out of the real world for a while at least.

Here are some of my senior portraits: That Greg took 🙂



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I have a pretty simple life, but simple is perfect for me.

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  1. Congrats! You look very beautiful….awesome photos!

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