I’m Back–back again :)

I’m back in the scavenger hunt game! I have been meaning to participate for the past 5 months now–wow has it really been that long–but I have been so busy these that by the time it was Sunday I had 0 photos. 😦

It is funny how life can get the better of you some times. The busyness was well welcomed though, because while this isn’t my first scavenger hunt, it is my first scavenger hunt as a college graduate :)!!!! Yep lastΒ  Saturday I graduated from CSUF πŸ™‚

My last semester was pretty hectic along with 18 units, I also was working, began volunteering at two hospitals, and started my own photography business–you know, because life wasn’t busy enough I guess lol πŸ™‚

Anyway enough catching up, on to what you are really here for… PHOTOGRAPHY!!!

1. Classic still life….

Ok, I am cheating a little with this one :/ I didn’t have any fruit… and pretty much that was all I could think of for classic still-life, but at least the yard decoration is still, still-life right??? πŸ™‚

2. On the Ground

I love the shadows of the fence on the ground!

3. Self

I think I am photoed out… I tried to take a few self-portraits, but hated them, so this is me “giving-up”.

4. Lines

Memorial weekend= Strawberry festival

5. Fresh

To me the color white is fresh. It’s clean, crisp, just like this.

Check out more awesome photos here

Oh, P.S. If you could, prayer and positive thoughts would be most appreciated. I have an interview next Friday with an autism organization :). It is an internship to give me some experience before graduate school. The organization is awesome, and I would love the chance to work with them! πŸ™‚


About Theresa Bridget

I have a pretty simple life, but simple is perfect for me.

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  1. Excellent shots!!! I love that last one! =)

  2. Beautiful photos! I love your “fresh” white! Lovely!

    Congratulations on finishing college!

    • I can sense your frustration in the selfie shot, I think the composition adds to that feeling as well. It’s a great honest capture of how challenging a self portrait can be! Love it in black and white.

  3. First of all, congrats on your graduation AND on starting your own photography business! =) I love the On the Ground and the Lines photos ~great shots!

  4. Such beautiful photos. I actually love your “giving up” photo. Its beautiful. But they are all amazing and so talented. And congratulations on all the exciting events.

  5. Congrats Grad! Sounds like life is very hectic for you. Glad you got these together, though. Love your set. Your ferris wheel shot is FANTASTIC!!!!!

  6. Congratulations on graduating from college…what an accomplishment. I love your set today. I actually love your self portrait – very creative.

  7. Great shots! I love all of them!!

  8. Theresa I missed ya girl but delighted to read about what’s been going on in your life and what you’ve accomplished – congratulations. Great shots especially of that little dandelion clock. Of course I’ll remember you in prayer this week – may the Lord’s will be done in your life.

  9. Love the last 3, especially your self portrait!

  10. Glad you are back with such wonderful entries. Love it

  11. I love the dandelion shot. Your self portrait shot was great. It made me wonder about the parts of your face not seen. Very intriguing.

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