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5 more photos

Well, how was everyones week? I had a pretty good one still editing all those wedding photos and I’m also getting things ready for a Vegas trip next week (yep I’m going again) :)!!!! I love Vegas and got offered Free rooms with some family so you know I can’t say no! haha I’m going to be there for 4th of July, which should be exciting in Vegas!

Anywho on to the photos

1. Window

These are the blinds that cover my bedroom windows… I think it looks a little more like an ocean 🙂

2. Paint….

Ok, I have no nail polish, or paint around so I had to use the next best thing. Mascara brush 🙂 Since you use it to paint your eyelashes black right… 🙂

2. Eyelashes

Another mascara brush, since I use it on my eyelashes right 🙂


Leaf veins

5. No face selfie 🙂

I wanted to highlight my freckles, but got an itch on my back and I liked the outcome. 🙂

Hope everyone has had a good week!!! Can’t wait to see next weeks 🙂

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Weekly Snapshot

I would first like to say sorry to those who follow my photography ( the 3 of you out there! )

I got caught up in life this week, I even brought my camera to Vegas with me and took maybe 2 pictures!

Anyway, I wanted to give a small update since I have been missing this past week.

1. I am in the process of editing the photos I took from the wedding a week ago…. I’m happy so far:

2. I just got home from the N.A.F.C.S.C–North American Federation of Celtic Supporters Club– and no not the basketball team, the Glasgow Celtics. I will have a full post to come, but let me just say I had such an amazing time! It was sinning and drinking every night, and I loved meeting everyone from Ireland,Scotland, Australia and New Zealand… Celtic really does have the best supporters ever! I just have to say if this was how they partied when they don’t win the league, I can’t even image how the convention would have been if they did! I guess I’ll just have to wait and see in 2013 (the Vegas convention is every 2 years).  “I just can’t get enough!”

Anyway, I had a great 4 days in Vegas, so great I am going back again in two weeks when some family visits from Ireland 🙂

3. I am training for my first 1/2 marathon in October 🙂 GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Me!

4. Happy Fathers Day, to one of the most amazing men I know. Papa, you have been through so much, and stood so strong. You are an amazing role model and have shown me that you can come from nothing and with hard work, you can have everything you need. I Love you so much da <3.

Last minute


1. Long Exposure

Shots.Shot.Shots.Shots…. that is my dads new favorite song lol… got to love him! Everyone dancing away at the wedding I just shot.


2. Shape

The bridal Hair peice

3. Green

I have been experimenting with blur and raw lately this was one of the results


I just got an iphone… and it is an apple 🙂


This was my favorite thing from my childhood. I took my barney everywhere with me & I would never go to sleep with out him. He still can comfort me all these years later….

I really, really did not think I would get around to joining up this week. Between orientation for an internship–which I might be turning down now– shooting editing a group senior session, shooting/editing my first ever wedding and finding a little time to relax. To get used to shooting in raw and with the rented 24-70mmL however I was able to get all the shots for this weeks hunt 🙂 Well, that’s all, here is to next week! ( I’ll be on vacation from Thursday-Sunday, VEGAS 🙂 for the NAFCSC Glasgow Celtic Convention, can’t wait!)



The hunt is on

Wooohooo! It’s still Sunday in my neck of the woods and thus this can still be dubbed scavenger hunt Sunday!

I had a busier week than I had anticipated, I mean come on school is over, what is all of this busyness about?

Most of it was well welcomed though, and its all leading up to any even busier two weeks.

On Friday I have 3 photoshoots, and on Saturday I am shooting my first ever wedding 🙂

Check out for my work I am really proud of myself for getting this off the ground.

Then in two weeks, I will be in Las Vegas for the Glasgow Celtic convention, for those who don’t know Glasgow Celtic is a soccer team

that my family and myself support . I’ll be sure to take lots of picture there to share with all of you

This isn’t for the hunt it’s more of a bonus 🙂

On a side note all but one of these shots were taken in raw… but all of my raw shots tend to have lots of grain… Any tips?

1. Hot, Hot, Hot

|Playing with fire|

2. Form

|Side water|

3. Front page of news paper

|Orange County|

4. Chore


I have this amazing, dazzling boyfriend who loves cooking and does the cleaning 🙂

–I help too!

*In my raw photos the blurred background turns to grain… help?**

5. Bead

|Beads of water|

As always check out more great photos here

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